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Impact tech investment firm named after Bermuda beach collects £20M for sustainably fueling the future

Elbow Beach Capital
Image credits: Elbow Beach Capital

Elbow Beach Capital, a London-based impact investment company, announced on Thursday that it has launched a venture vehicle with £20M capital, focused on decarbonisation, sustainable energy, and social impact opportunities.

“Early-stage investment plays a vital role in the advancement of industry-wide solutions to mitigate climate change and improve lives. Elbow Beach Capital is committed to ensuring that every investment it makes helps to protect the future of our planet, its inhabitants, and its unique ecosystems,” says Nick Charman, Co-Founder, and Chairman.

Impact investing

Globally, the appetite for impact investing is on the rise and has a significant potential for growth. 

To reiterate, impact investments are financial investments made to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. It can be applied in various settings to achieve various outcomes. 

Currently, many institutional investors are leading this initiative as they have become an effective source of impact investment capital. The rise of the impact economy is creating opportunities for businesses, investors, and the government. 

Co-founded in 2021 by Nick Charman, Thomas Hardy, and Jonathan Pollock, Elbow Beach Capital is named after Elbow Beach, Bermuda, known for its pink sand. 

“Over the course of their lives, each of our founders has enjoyed Elbow Beach’s waters, wildlife, and coral reef,” says the company. 

However, due to the impact of climate change, these precious gems are getting affected. 

The company is on a mission to protect the future of our planet, its inhabitants, and its ecosystems through technological advancement and investment. 

Focuses on early-stage businesses

Co-founded in 2021 by Nick Charman, Thomas Hardy, and Jonathan Pollock, Elbow Beach Capital is a private investment company focused on sustainable energy, transition technology, and social impact businesses.

The company focuses on early-stage businesses whose solutions have the potential to solve the planet’s biggest challenges while achieving significant commercial growth. 

The VC will invest across a range of opportunities including innovative and disruptive technologies which decarbonise supply-chains and create profitable circular economies; sustainable energy technologies and infrastructure as well as those which have a social impact

Elbow Beach Capital says it will make investments both within the UK and globally, between £0.5M to £1.5 of long-term growth capital to early-stage businesses (pre-seed to Series A), purpose-driven entrepreneurs with a commitment to improving lives, scalable solutions to significant social and environmental problems and commercially viable companies with a clear runway to financial growth.

“The sustainability and environmental technology sectors are expanding but growth will need to accelerate dramatically if governments are to meet their ambitious climate targets. We see a massive opportunity for value creation in early-stage investment across a range of impact verticals,” says Jonathan Pollock, Co-Founder, and CEO. 

“We are excited to start backing innovative and purpose-driven entrepreneurs,” adds Jonathan.

With the initial capital, the UK firm expects to announce several investments in March and April. 

“We are thrilled to be in a position to put our weight behind sustainable businesses with significant potential,” says Thomas Hardy, Co-Founder, and CTO. 

“We are looking forward to supporting founders in optimising their technologies and balancing growth and sustainability during a period of unprecedented innovation within impact sectors,” adds Thomas.

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