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German cybersecurity startup QuoIntelligence secures €5M for its AI-based threat intelligence service

QuoIntelligence team
Picture credits: QuoIntelligence

The importance of cybersecurity awareness has accelerated tremendously due to factors such as the new risk profile of remote work, and fast-changing geopolitical situations around the world. However, the maturity of organisations to cope with cyber risks varies widely. 

A German cybersecurity startup QuoIntelligence plays a significant role in educating businesses of the necessity for threat intelligence and how, as part of an overarching cybersecurity strategy, threat intelligence forms a vital part in maximising cyber resilience and minimizing risk.

Secures €5M seed funding 

Now, QuoIntelligence, a leading provider of threat intelligence in Europe, has secured €5 million in a seed financing round. The transaction was led by DeepTech VC investor eCAPITAL Entrepreneurial Partners (that backed Liefergrün and Dryad) with participation from private investors. 

The investment is based on the company’s highly differentiated threat intelligence offering, which a growing number of corporates rely on. The investment will be used to expand the QuoIntelligence team, enhance products and services, and significantly increase the company’s market reach. 

Marco Riccardi, CEO and founder of QuoIntelligence said: “As a growing number of organizations wake up to threat intelligence’s vital role in their business, this funding allows us to boost our threat intelligence offering, recruit top talent, and deliver unrivaled value to our customers. By continuing to seamlessly integrate technology and talent, we continue our mission to be Europe’s top threat intelligence partner.”

Dirk Seewald, Partner, eCAPITAL added: “Threat intelligence is a wide application domain. QuoIntelligence is uniquely positioned as a European vendor with a highly automated and differentiated service, that reaches not only large corporates, but opens up the huge mid-market. We are very enthusiastic about the prospects for the company and excited to work with the team.”

Ari Bizimis, founding investor of QuoIntelligence noted: “As the founding investor of QuoIntelligence, we welcome eCAPITAL as the top German cybersecurity VC firm to be part of this success story. We have immense confidence that eCAPITAL’s extensive experience in scaling cybersecurity companies will play a pivotal role in fostering QuoIntelligence’s significant growth. With this partnership, we foresee QuoIntelligence’s ascension as the preeminent threat intelligence provider across Europe in the coming years.”

Develops unique threat intelligence service 

QuoIntelligence was founded by Marco Riccardi in 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany. It has developed a unique threat intelligence service that combines AI with human expertise. The SaaS startup enables organisations to significantly reduce operational risks and make informed security decisions through the delivery of timely threat intelligence tailored precisely to their needs.

The highly experienced team of intelligence experts combines with bespoke AI systems to produce its unique service. In a world where cybersecurity is necessarily about scalable technology, QuoIntelligence includes the human touch that makes the difference. 

The startup provides comprehensive Digital Risk Protection, unique Threat Intelligence, and empowering Risk Intelligence for strategic decision-making. Cutting-edge solutions provide the Finished Intelligence clients need to safeguard themselves from cyber and geopolitical threats.

Clients include companies in the DAX40, EU banks, and come from sectors such as insurance, industrial, semiconductor, retail and transportation. Currently, QuoIntelligence employs over 40 people and operates in Germany, Italy, Spain and the US, with customers located across the EU.

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