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GenAI in stock photos: Getty-backed Israeli AI image generator startup snaps $24M funding

Picture Credits: Bria

Generative AI technology remains mired in legal ambiguity, but Bria, an Israel-based AI image generator, aims to address crucial challenges concerning AI-generated visual content for businesses, artists, and researchers. They have developed foundation AI models trained with licensed content sourced from reputable providers like Getty Images, Alamy, and Envato. Unlike larger players embroiled in legal disputes over content legality, Bria asserts its commitment to responsibility by exclusively using permissible content.

Recently, the company secured $24 million in Series A funding led by GFT Ventures, Intel Capital, and Entrée Capital, along with notable investors like Publicis Groupe, Getty Images, and Samsung Next. This investment will further enhance Bria’s generative capabilities, including text-to-video features, expand its developer platform, and bolster its global operations.

Founded in 2020 by Yair Adato and Gal Jacobi, Bria now reportedly boasts a team of over 30 employees. Its platform enables companies to customize visual content and allows developers to seamlessly integrate generative AI into existing products. Bria collaborates with leading stock image providers, managing a vast repository of licensed images, ensuring fair compensation for content creators through royalties.

In an era where ethical AI application is under intense scrutiny, Bria stands out by complying with copyright laws and safeguarding businesses from legal disputes. Its platform, trained exclusively on licensed imagery, mitigates copyright infringement risks, offering full liability protection and unfettered access to AI models for businesses.

As consumer trust in AI ethics wanes, Bria’s comprehensive solution addresses key concerns, ensuring responsible AI usage while unlocking its potential to enhance business performance.

“With the rapid adoption of generative AI in commercial operations, and as 70% of CEOs agree with the need to act urgently on generative AI to avoid giving their competitors a strategic advantage, it is vital that final outputs are developed from ethical, unbiased, and licensed sources without holding the foundation models in a walled garden,” said Dr Yair Adato, CEO & Founder, BRIA. “It is essential that companies are equipped with generative AI capabilities as part of their core technology stack so they can seamlessly scale their operations and ensure they own intellectual property and data. This is precisely what BRIA is providing to any company using our licensed-sourced platform and we are thrilled with this opportunity to empower more businesses with the ability to generate AI responsibly.”

“We are completely behind BRIA’s mission to redefine visual generative AI, focusing on a transparent, responsible, and secure process for developing content while providing enterprises with a stronger value proposition in this field. BRIA’s technology helps businesses avoid the biases and legal landmines that have wounded high-profile organizations attempting to generate AI-based material without knowledge of its origins or without compensating the creators. BRIA’s solution, which only uses licensed datasets, and pays artists for every image used, is the gold-standard generative AI platform for commercial use,” says Jay Eum, Founding Managing Partner at GFT Ventures.

“Not only does our investment in BRIA align with our commitment to ethical and responsible AI, but it also aims to push the boundaries of visual generative AI, equipping users with the most sophisticated AI-powered tools to remain competitive,” said Aravind “Avi” Bharadwaj, Investment Director at Intel Capital. “This is an opportunity to be a part of the huge impact of the burgeoning visual generative AI discipline and potentially spearhead transformative visual storytelling in a way that benefits everyone from the artist and business deploying the art, to the audience receiving it.” BRIA was part of Intel’s Ignite Deep Tech accelerator program.

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