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Female-led London’s snaps $4.3M to empower artists with AI-powered design creation

Tonia Samsonova
Image credit:, a generative AI platform designed for artists and designers, has secured $4.3 million in seed funding. This investment will fuel the company’s development of tools that allow artists to leverage AI technology to create and commercialise their work at scale, while retaining ownership of their artistic style.

The funding round was led by Speedinvest, with participation from InReach Ventures, Cornerstone VC, GuruDev Capital, and angel investors. The capital will be used to further develop the AI technology, expand the team, and increase outreach to artists worldwide.

Back in March, we also reported about Canva, which acquired UK-based Affinity to rival Adobe’s dominance in digital design industry.

What does the startup actually do offers a unique approach to AI in the creative arts. Unlike other platforms that provide pre-trained models with limited artistic styles, allows artists to train their own AI models based on their individual artistic preferences and existing designs. This personalised approach ensures that the AI-generated designs accurately reflect the artist’s unique style and vision.

The platform then enables artists to rapidly produce high-quality designs that maintain their signature style. These designs can then be sold or licensed to various organisations, such as media outlets and advertising agencies. This empowers artists to capitalise on their creativity by increasing their design output and marketability.

Tonia Samsonova, founder and CEO of, has a background in both journalism and entrepreneurship. Motivated by a lifelong passion for art, Samsonova created this platform to empower artists with the latest technological advancements. She envisions a future where AI and creative industries collaborate to benefit all parties involved.

Market potential and user base

The global generative AI market is projected to reach $668 billion by 2030. aims to be a leader in this space by fostering wider adoption among creative communities. With 30,000 registered users already, the platform demonstrates early traction and the potential to impact how artists approach design creation, distribution, and monetization.

Julian Blessin, Partner at Speedinvest, emphasised the platform’s ability to “democratise and enrich our cultural landscape” by empowering artists to leverage AI as a creative partner. Likewise, Amanda Jones Floyd, General Partner at InReach Ventures, expressed interest in the platform’s potential to “increase productivity and income” for artists while safeguarding their intellectual property. presents a novel approach to AI in the creative arts. By enabling artists to personalise and own their AI models, the platform offers a solution for concerns about AI’s impact on artistic expression and income generation. The recent funding is likely to position for continued development and wider adoption within the creative community.

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