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Fastned raises more than €24M in new bonds to further grow its e-mobility network across Europe

Fastned raises more than €24M in new bonds to further grow its e-mobility network across Europe

Fastned, a European fast charging company, announced today the successful issuance of new bonds, raising over €24 million. This 14th round in their bond program garnered additional €3.5 million in extended investments from previous rounds, bringing the total raised to over €27.5 million.

Back in October last year, Fastned raised €30M to expand its rapid EV charging network. Moreover, prior to that, before that in June same year, the company also raised €22M to race for EV charging supremacy in Europe. This latest round is likely to augment their main goal to become the best among its competition in the continent.

Funding the future of e-mobility

The new bonds, with a 6% coupon and 5-year maturity, will directly support the Amsterdam-based Fastned’s ambitious expansion plans across Europe. The company aims to leverage this capital to establish more fast-charging stations at high-traffic locations, further solidifying their position as a key player in the continent’s e-mobility infrastructure development.

“Our growing investor community plays a vital role in supporting Fastned’s network expansion at strategic locations across Europe,” stated Michiel Langezaal, CEO and co-founder of Fastned. He emphasised the urgency of expanding infrastructure, “Accelerating the building pace of this infrastructure is crucial, considering the anticipated exponential growth of electric vehicles in the coming years.”

Fastned: A fast charging solution for sustainable e-mobility

Founded in 2012, Fastned has established itself as a pioneer in the European fast charging landscape. Their mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable e-mobility. They achieve this by building and operating a network of iconic fast-charging stations, recognizable by their signature yellow and nature-inspired design. These stations allow drivers to conveniently charge their electric vehicles within 15 minutes, offering up to 300 km of range.

Driven by a commitment to delivering the “most reliable, convenient and joyful charging experience,” Fastned strives to inspire millions to adopt electric vehicles powered by renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Ultimately, they aim to play a critical role in mitigating climate change through their focus on clean transportation solutions.

A listed company with public support

Fastned is a publicly traded company listed on the Euronext Amsterdam exchange (ticker: FAST). This bond issuance underscores the strong public support for the company’s vision and its impact on the European e-mobility ecosystem. With significant capital secured and a clear strategy in place, Fastned appears well-positioned to continue its expansion and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future for transportation.

Fastned’s latest bond issuance represents a significant step forward in its mission to become the leading fast-charging infrastructure provider in Europe. With this fresh injection of capital and continued investor confidence, the company is likely to play a key role in shaping the future of e-mobility across the continent.

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