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Ex-Ericsson and Google executives’ Ankra snaps €1.1M to help developers save time

Ankra founders
Picture credits: Ankra

Ankra, a Swedish cloud infrastructure automation platform, has snapped €1.1 million in pre-seed funding. The investment round was led by London VC SuperSeed that recently invested in Ai Build and Thingtrax alongside angel investors. 

The capital will be invested in the further development of Ankra’s platform to cater to a waitlist of clients. Also, it will be deployed for the company’s growing operations in the UK market.

Automates cloud infrastructure setup and maintenance 

Ankra was founded by Mark Shine, Mattias Karlsson Åsell, and Benjamin Klingsbo in Stockholm. With experience working at Ericsson and Google, the co-founders identified a growing issue. They realised that developers spend hours maintaining systems as the complexity of cloud infrastructure increases and companies expand faster. 

They need to battle system crashes, data losses and service slowdowns diverting attention from core programming and app development, which drains resources, in a developer job market where demand is already higher than supply. 

The Ankra platform, which transforms the way software development teams manage and maintain their cloud infrastructure. It simplifies resource provisioning and allows developers to automatically set up the resources they need, when and where they need them, allowing them to save time. 

Supporting end-to-end setup and maintenance of a kubernetes-based infrastructure, Ankra allows developers to manage the entire lifecycle of their application through one single pane of glass. 

Notably, the Ankra product will be launched to a selected list of customers, including startups and high-tier banks in the UK in 2024.      

“Today, 30% of a fintech developer’s time gets bogged down in configuring and maintaining cloud infrastructure. This stalls companies and delays their applications from hitting the market. Ankra simplifies this, streamlining operations with a self-service approach that allows developers to set up production-ready Kubernetes clusters in just minutes. Leveraging automation, we’ve allowed developers to experience a 30% performance boost in productivity. Ultimately, we want to relieve them from the burden of infrastructure maintenance, and refocus them on what they do best: software innovation”, said Mattias Karlsson Åsell, CEO of Ankra.

“The team at Ankra are focused on delivering what matters for customers that are deploying complex infrastructure – real productivity enhancement and cost savings. For banks and fintechs, Ankra offers excellent ROI. We look forward to supporting the founders in launching into the UK market and getting commercial traction with London’s world-leading fintech companies,” said Mads Jensen, Managing Partner at SuperSeed.

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