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Dutch startup Matrixian Group proptech leap: €1.5M investment fuels advancement in real estate tech with AI

Matrixian Group team
Picture credits: Matrixian Group

In a big move, a Netherlands-based technology company named Matrixian Group is getting even better at helping people with houses. They use smart data and computer smarts (Artificial Intelligence or AI) to figure out how much homes are worth and what we can do to make them better.

The company has developed a platform that can look at houses and tell you how much they should cost. And guess what? They can do this in less than 4 hours! 

To accelerate the development of their platform, Matrixian Group has secured €1.5 million to be exact, from Pride Capital Partners. This is on top of the €2 million they already had. With the latest fuel injection, they can plan to make their technology even cooler and help more people around the world.

“Digital twins” of houses

They are making something called “digital twins” of houses. It’s like having a computer copy of a real house. They can also see how to make houses better for the environment and for people and have already done this for over 1 million houses in the Netherlands.

Lars van ‘t Hoenderdaal, Managing Partner at Pride Capital Partners, comments: “Matrixian Group is shifting from being a Location Intelligence provider to a data and AI solutions provider to the real estate sector and its partners. This shift has challenged the organization in rethinking and optimising its business model and sales market. Pride Capital Partners looks forward to continuing to support the management of Matrixian Group in their journey.”

Homematrix Desktop Valuation

In September, Matrixian Group will have something called “Homematrix Desktop Valuation.” This will let anyone know how much a house costs without even leaving their home. Further, the company is also growing and making new offices in Dubai and London.

Luke Liplijn, Founder and CEO of Matrixian Group, says: “Within seconds, we can connect buyers, sellers, and mortgage lenders with the right data, enabling fully digital transactions. This matches exactly what the market is demanding now. Our information services, powered by generative AI, meet this need in the new AI era.”

In pursuit of their expansion goals, Matrixian Group has also established a fresh team of directors, armed with the necessary skills and knowledge. Furthermore, the company has taken a strategic step by separating its hyperlocal news website, Drimble. This separation allows Matrixian Group to concentrate solely on its fundamental tasks: delivering data and AI services tailored to the real estate industry and its collaborators. Bolstered by the backing of Pride Capital Partners, Matrixian Group holds a strong belief in achieving its ambitious plans for growth.

Liplijn concluded: “The name of our investor, Pride Capital Partners, is well honoured. Over the past year, we have come to know them as valued partners in business. This support gives us the impetus to realise our growth plans and expand our services internationally.”

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