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Dropbox launches $50M AI-focussed venture fund, as AI innovation booms

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Dropbox has announced the launch of two new AI-powered product experiences, Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AI, aimed at enhancing modern work and helping customers optimise their content. The company’s commitment to leveraging AI technology is further exemplified by the introduction of Dropbox Ventures, a startup initiative to support the growing AI ecosystem, as well as the establishment of AI Principles to ensure responsible AI application.

Accelerating the future of AI startups with Dropbox Ventures

To support the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of work, Dropbox has launched Dropbox Ventures, a new $50 million venture initiative. This initiative focuses on investing in the next generation of startups that are leveraging AI in innovative ways to revolutionize work processes. Portfolio companies of Dropbox Ventures will receive not only financial resources but also mentorship opportunities, allowing them to develop and deliver new experiences to Dropbox’s extensive user base, which currently stands at over 700 million registered users.

With the unveiling of Dropbox Dash, a universal search tool, users can seamlessly connect all their tools, content, and apps through a single search bar. Addressing the challenges posed by scattered work across multiple platforms, Dropbox Dash eliminates the need for toggling between numerous apps. By incorporating connectors to major platforms such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, and Salesforce, customers can quickly access all their relevant information in one place. Additionally, Dash’s machine learning capabilities enable it to evolve and improve over time, providing users with a personalised and efficient search experience.

The browser extension features of Dropbox Dash introduce two new functionalities. First, Stacks, which are smart collections for links, offer users a convenient way to save, organise, and retrieve URLs, ensuring a more organized approach to managing cloud content. Second, the Start Page provides a single dashboard that grants users access to Dash universal search, view Stacks, shortcuts to recent work, and quick meeting initiations, streamlining daily navigation and facilitating a seamless transition back to critical tasks.

In the near future, Dropbox Dash will utilise generative AI to extract relevant content and answer user queries by drawing information from personal and company databases. This upcoming enhancement will eliminate the need for laborious searches within internal links and pages. Users will be able to pose questions to Dash and receive prompt, accurate responses, further enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Dropbox Dash is currently available in beta to select customers, with an English language interface. Users can join the Dash waitlist and learn more about its capabilities by visiting

Instantly summarise content and get answers with Dropbox AI

To optimise file previews, Dropbox has integrated AI technology into its offerings with the introduction of Dropbox AI. This innovation enables users to save time by swiftly understanding large documents or videos without the need to extensively review the entire file. With just a click, customers can generate concise summaries of content, including contracts and meeting recordings. Additionally, Dropbox AI eliminates the hassle of manual searches within large files. Users can now simply ask questions and receive quick responses within seconds.

Dropbox AI for file previews is currently available in an alpha version. Initially accessible to Dropbox Pro customers and select Dropbox Teams in the United States, this feature will gradually expand its availability to a wider user base. Soon, users will be able to leverage Dropbox AI across their folders and entire Dropbox accounts, further streamlining their work processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

Furthermore, as a responsible AI-driven company, Dropbox has published its AI Principles to guide the development of AI products in a responsible and trustworthy manner. Ensuring the protection of customer privacy, maintaining transparency, and mitigating bias. 

Antler Partner asserts, look beyond Oxford and McKinsey as talent is much more diverse

Antler, the zero-day investors, recently pushed a report revealing the background and aspirations of tens of thousands of unicorn and aspiring founders. The report, Europe’s New Tech Founders 2023 was released at Antler’s first European Founder Conference and suggests that, despite the tech downturn, confidence in the tech sector is high as more people, from more diverse backgrounds, are entering the tech sector.

During the London Tech Week, Antler partner Christoph Klink joined TFN to discuss the report, its findings, and what he thinks it means for the future.

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