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Customer behaviour predicting AI used by Facebook and TikTok, Neurons acquires its competitors

Thomas Z. Ramsøy, Founder & CEO Neurons
Image credits: Neurons

The Danish AI firm, Neurons, has today announced the acquisition of two of its competitors VisualEyes and Loceye in a move that brings it closer to world domination in predicting human behaviour for organisations.

The acquisition primarily focuses on further developing and expanding Neuron’s AI product to predict human emotions and sentiments, providing insights as to how people feel at consumer touchpoints.

“We’re thrilled Neurons Inc will be incorporating our cutting-edge eye-tracking technology into its customer prediction platform and are proud to play a part in creating the world’s largest consumer neuroscience database. Our combined expertise has the power to shake up the way brands do business today, and in the future and we’re excited to see how this natural, trail-blazing partnership develops,” commented VisualEyesCo-founder, Costa Alexoglou.

The strategic upside for Neurons

This acquisition not only reduces the number of competitors within the industry but also avails Neurons 35,000 new clients with a projected 1,000 more each month. Moreover, Neurons will integrate with its technology, VisualEyes’ and Loceye’s AI models as well as the technologies utilized by the companies.

With tech features such as webcam eye tracking and face tracking, Neurons’ products will offer an extra level of usability, giving brands a strong competitive edge. The accuracy of predictions is expected to increase, as well as the speed at which new predictive AI models are created.

Predicting customer responses

Companies increasingly fail to predict, know, or understand consumer responses. This has resulted in inaccurate and unfocused marketing, with ads coming off as noise to customers.

Neurons presents a solution to this via its customer prediction platform, by bridging the gap in neuroscience and AI in MarTech (Marketing Technology). Its products are based on the world’s largest consumer neuroscience database and include: Predict, a cloud-based AI that predicts customer responses such as attention, emotion, and cognition; Explore, a remote neuroscience user testing platform; and Research, a bespoke, full-scale neuroscience research solution that lies at the core of Neuron’s SaaS products.

Neurons Predict has been able to predict customer responses, just from an image or video. Built on highly accurate consumer neuroscience data, it can predict what customers see, feel, and think. Neurons Predict has been used to test for attention, emotion, and cognition in creatives like advertisements, packaging design, UX design, videos, and even in-store shelf layouts.

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More on Neurons

Neurons was founded by Thomas Ramsøy who is considered one of the leading scholars and practitioners in applied neuroscience and behavioural science. The company is headquartered in Taastrup Denmark. Neuron’s  AI model has been built from a growing database of quality eye-tracking recordings from over 20,000 participants on consumer-related items such as print ads, commercials and packaging, predicting consumer attention with over 95% accuracy.

Predict has been used with the American retail company, Lowes, to understand if certain in-store signage can deliver higher attention, perceived value, and interest. As a result of the collaboration, Lowes improved the visual salience on the in-store signs with Predict by up to 40%. Neurons also notably works with Facebook, TikTok and Ikea, among others.

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