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Crypto management platform surpasses $50M in assets, reaches 20,000 customer signups

Philip Blows, CEO of AQRU
Image credits: Philip Blows, CEO of AQRU/Linkedin

UK-based AQRU plc, an incubator specialising in decentralised finance (DeFi), announces that the cryptocurrency trading platform, developed by its fully owned subsidiary Accru Finance Ltd., has surpassed $50 million in assets under management and 20,000 user sign-ups on, its proprietary yield-generating platform. The milestone was achieved five months since the launch of the platform and 39 days after it reached $20 million in assets under the management.

Philip Blows, CEO of AQRU, said: “With more than $50 million in assets under management and 20,000 signups in only five months, has demonstrated itself an attractive solution that enables investors to take advantage of the opportunities that DeFi has to offer. As decentralised finance grows, we expect will remain a favoured choice for retail investors, as well as an appealing and sought-after solution for institutional investors in Europe and other international markets too.”

Easy access to decentralised markets

Launched by Phil Blows, Digby Try and Louis Quaintance in 2021, was designed to provide investors with a secure and easy way to access and participate in the decentralised markets. It lets users easily convert their fiat currency, including EUR and GBP into cryptocurrency and participate in staking, which is the locking of funds to receive crypto rewards, and yield farming, where crypto assets are locked to earn interest of up to 12%. Also, it lets users withdraw their assets at any time in the form of cryptocurrency or fiat.

The platform has received significant demand from both retail and institutional investors as it has proven to be a simple and easy-to-use solution to access the decentralised markets. requires users to connect their digital wallets to the platform and select from the different automatic investment strategies available on it. Once this has been set up, users can keep track of their investments’ performance in real-time through the online platform or the mobile app.

Security has been a priority for Accru Finance when developing This is why the platform has been secured by Fireblocks, an industry leader in digital asset security that has secured the transfer of over $400 billion in digital assets, using bank-grade security software to reassure investors that their money is safe in the platform.

How does work? aims to deliver the very best crypto savings account, which lets normal people to invest and gain interest using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin rather than a normal currency like US dollars. The interest rates are much better and lets users earn up to 12% a year. AQRU’s mission is to be completely transparent with its users.

Crypto interest accounts are common in recent times but they are often complicated to use. While investors can feel complicated to make crypto investments, AQRU is set to build a crypto interest account that could not be beaten for its simplicity and flexible access.

To use AQRU, users do not have to be crypto experts or own any crypto to start with. Users can withdraw their money whenever they like unlike other crypto interest accounts. It does not insist users to lock their crypto in for a given period. Basically, AQRU brings together cryptocurrency buying and crypto saving under one roof in one easy process.

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