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Brainchild of ex-Google, Twitter developers, Myxt snaps $2M for its collaborative music app

Myxt founders
Image credits: Myxt

Myxt, a collaborative music workplace, has snapped a seed funding of $2 million led by Accel Ventures and Quiet Capital. The funds will be used to support the development of Myxt’s centralised audio workplace and help expand its growing community of creators.

Also, it has announced the launch of its audio file management platform for creators to stream, collaborate, and discover new insights into their library. The streaming app steps out of beta to solve how audio files are stored, shared, and worked on.

Chris Wetherell, Myxt Co-founder and CEO said, “Myxt was born out of the need for an intuitive tool that understands how collaboration works in audio. We first set out to confront file storage and sharing, and have enhanced it with other AI and audio tools to make it as easy as possible for artists to focus on their work.”

Dan Levine, an early investor in Myxt and Partner at Accel shared, “Chris and Sheena are outstanding engineers with experience building products people love including Google Reader, Twitter, and Stripe. Workflow software such as Figma and GitHub has enabled tremendous increases in productivity for designers and software engineers respectively. Audio creators have been left behind and Myxt is here to help them catch up.”

Brainchild of Google, Twitter developers

Myxt was founded by Chris Wetherell and Sheena Pakanatiin 2018 in California. They served as early engineers for leading tech companies, including Google, Stripe, and Twitter. They have experience in building foundations for easy-to-use interfaces and scaled integral product features globally. Together, they saw an opportunity to build similar functional tools for independent musicians and the broader audio industry and launched Myxt.

Myxt was built to fix the lack of file sharing options for audio formats. It brings the tools commonly seen in other workflows such as commenting, real-time collaboration, note taking, and promotion to a platform fit for audio.

After testing its beta with musicians, producers, and managers for the last two years, Myxt is introducing its solution for audio professionals.

It is committed to building a tool that is available and accessible to all creators, no matter their level of technical expertise. The team is dedicated to incorporating new tools to give anyone the ability to grow, test, and share their content with tools similar to those used by top industry professionals.

Incorporates AI and interesting features

Myxt is available on web, iOS, and Android devices. It has a slew of features for users, be it collaborators or followers.

Tracks can be shared as secure links for others to react, add notes, or provide time-stamped feedback on any file, with the option to download any file. Shared spaces called “Teams” are for creators and their collaborators to work on a project such as manage, edit, or provide feedback on files in the shared library.

Users can quickly integrate creative feedback or inspiration by adding a live voice recording to their library or on top of a track, or with Myxt’s AI-supported mastering tool. Also, users can provide Myxt with a reference track for it to master a version to match the dynamics, stereo image, and frequency response.

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