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Blood testing startup aware fetches $15M to help people with chronic diseases

aware founders
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aware, a Berlin-based healthcare startup, announced that it has secured $15M in a Seed round of funding led by Oliver Heimes at Lakestar, Filip Dames at Cherry Ventures, and David Rosskamp in June Fund.

Prominent angel investors and healthcare experts, including Katharina Jünger (Teleclinic), Simon Bolz (Klara), Florian Otto (Cedar), Manuel Grossmann (Amino Collective), and unicorn founders Naren Sham (Omio), Lucas Cranach (Onefootball), Christian Reber (Pitch), also participated. 

What does aware solve?

Chronic disease is one of the biggest global health challenges we face today. 

Around one in three adults globally suffer from a chronic condition during their lifetime. By 2030, we will spend $47T globally to treat these health issues. Unfortunately, the current healthcare system tends to only treat diseases that have already occurred, not prevent them. 

That’s where aware’s personalised and proactive approach to health comes in. 

Personalized and data-driven healthcare is the future of medicine, and we believe the first steps towards that future are regular blood tests and health checks,” explains Managing Director Florian Meissner. “We are on a mission to unlock the power of your health data to give you control over your personal health journey.”

A proactive approach to health 

Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneurs Florian Meissner, Ramzi Rizk, and Ferdinand Schmidt-Thomé, aware aims to make health checks personalised, digitised, fast, affordable, and user-friendly.

The company is also launching its private beta this week to give people control over their health by making check-ups more personalised, digitised, fast, and easily accessible. 

With one simple click, users can book a blood draw appointment in the lab, get tested, and receive a personalised health report in the aware app within 24h and then retest in 3 to 6 months with a subscription to track progress over time. 

While one test will give users a detailed snapshot of current health, continuing testing provides a clear reflection of long-term trends and patterns.

Regular blood tests are the first step for the startup. Within the next few years, aware aims to build Europe’s largest health database for personalised medicine. This data-driven approach will contribute to medical research, plus, it has the potential to discover new insights and untap new treatment options for millions of people.

“aware represents a change in the healthcare system that is badly needed to best support patients with chronic diseases as well as anybody taking proactive care of their health. Personalized healthcare is not possible without longitudinal data: this is where aware makes a huge difference. The experience of the entire team, founders and employees, is second to none and we couldn’t be prouder to partner with aware,” highlights Oliver Heimes, Partner at Lakestar. 

“We invested in aware because they are at the cutting edge of unique opportunity to bring a more routine, more contextualized, and more digital approach to personalized medicine,” says Cherry Venture’s founding partner Filip Dames. “To live a healthy lifestyle, understanding certain key data — like blood cell count, glucose, or iron — is essential. But access to this is either limited or incomprehensible. Flo and their team are changing this and we’re excited to join them on this important road ahead.”

“Building Teleclinic, I saw firsthand how many people are looking for easy access to health-related information and quality care. I am especially excited about the potential role of digital technology in combating chronic disease. Providing easy access to routine lab testing and data-driven insights, aware will be an important starting point for millions of people seeking better health,“ comments angel investor and Teleclinc founder Katharina Jünger.

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