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AngelList for traditional banks: Ameetee secures $1M to enable investments in private companies

Ameetee founder
Picture credits: Ameetee

The online investment platform market is experiencing significant growth and is anticipated to surge to $30.42 billion by 2032. Most investment platforms provide basic information about potential opportunities and leave organisational staff on the client’s side. An Israeli fintech Ameetee revolutionises this with its B2B fintech platform. 

The fintech equips financial organisations, regardless of their size, with a white-label solution to offer investment opportunities in private companies to their clients in the form of securities. It is touted to be the first platform to solve the problem of difficulties accessing and buying assets of private companies via traditional banks in Europe.

Funding to launch its platform

In a recent development, Ameetee raised a $1 million seed round to launch the first B2B fintech platform. The funding was backed by a group of business angels, including Jamie Karraker, founder of Alto Pharmacy, unicorn. It will be used to develop a marketplace where these securities can be traded and to launch the first educational course for banks and brokers lacking knowledge on how to invest in private companies. 

AngelList-like platform for traditional banks

Ameetee was founded in 2023 by a team of investment professionals, including Mila Khrapchenko, a business angel and investor in the TechAviv fund. It democratises access to shares of private companies and other private market assets and targets financial institutions rather than individuals. 

The fintech involves investment professionals in the assessment and due diligence of every potential deal. In cases where a deal demonstrates considerable potential and is graded as high quality, the platform engages a reputable professional administrator to create a security, which can then be marketed and sold by financial institutions. 

Ameetee enables financial institutions to seamlessly integrate it into their product lineup and present the same to their clients under their own brand, expanding their offerings without the need to hire additional staff. Similarly, it allows end investors serviced by financial institutions to diversify their portfolio, and startups to get access to additional financing given the limited current venture funding landscape.

To date, the platform’s turnover has reached $12 million and it has signed contracts with several institutional clients and offered investment opportunities in such companies as Bayzat, Klarna, and Alto Pharmacy. 

“With the online investment platform market already overstepping $8 billion in 2022, many banks and wealth managers lack resources to compete with such platforms and offer a wide audience a simple and understandable way to invest in private companies. Ameetee helps banks to retain customers and expand their offerings, while simultaneously empowering investors, who won’t need to seek alternative opportunities themselves but will be able to do it with the help of their bank manager or even through an app,” commented Mila Khrapchenko, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Ameetee.

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