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Amsterdam-based climate tech Ecochain bags €3M to drive sustainable impact


The climate tech startup scene in the Netherlands is vibrant and growing rapidly. Already Amsterdam is home to numerous innovative companies focused on developing technologies and solutions to combat climate change and promote sustainability which include The Ocean Cleanup, Physee, Perpetual Next and more. 

Now Ecochain, an innovative climate tech startup based in Amsterdam, has successfully secured €3M in funding in a round led by Impact Fund and supported by existing investor Volta Ventures. The funding includes a loan from Dutch bank ABN AMRO, which recently also backed another climate tech green startup, Laka. 

Environmental footprint solutions 

Ecochain’s mission is to help companies produce more sustainable products using their Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software. By measuring the environmental impacts across the entire life cycle of a product, including materials, fuels, and food, Ecochain enables companies to improve their environmental footprint. The software provides accessible data insights, hotspot detection, and product modeling to reduce environmental impact in areas beyond carbon, such as water and land use.

With the funding, the Dutch climate tech startup plans to expand its marketing and technology departments, further empowering companies to make ongoing sustainable impacts. Since its establishment in 2011, Ecochain has enabled companies to efficiently measure, claim, and improve their environmental footprint, offering software solutions like Ecochain Mobius for product-focused footprint analysis and Ecochain Helix for bulk measurement of manufacturing sites.

More product innovation and expansion

Operating internationally in various industries, including packaging, construction, apparel, food and beverage, and consumer electronics, Ecochain has been recognised for its commitment to sustainable practices. Their recently launched software, Mobius, has made it easier for professionals in manufacturing sectors to communicate the environmental impact of their products and services to stakeholders.

Ecochain’s recent funding success marks a significant step forward in advancing climate tech and driving positive change through innovative solutions.

“Ecochain has been at the forefront of sustainable practices for several years. With the recent launch of Mobius, the easy-to-use LCA software, Ecochain empowers professionals in different manufacturing sectors to effectively communicate the environmental impact of their products and services to clients, stakeholders, and consumers. As a supporter, we are excited to see their continued impact on the manufacturing industry and their mission to make high-quality LCAs understandable for all.” says Sander Vonk, Partner at Volta Ventures, an Amsterdam-based seed, and early-stage VC firm. 

Further, Boudewijn Poelmann, co-founder of Impact Fund, expressed confidence in Ecochain’s potential to become the world-leading platform for Life Cycle Assessment and environmental footprinting. He said: “Ecochain has the potential to become the world-leading platform for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and environmental footprinting. Ecochain helps companies to measure the environmental product impact and reduce it accordingly. As the Dutch saying goes: meten is weten (to measure is to know) and we believe Ecochain has developed the best software for companies to quantify their footprint. Through this investment, we have taken a step forward to strengthen our portfolio in Climate Tech. Their software is the vehicle to achieve a more fair, transparent, and sustainable world.”

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