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Amazon, Yelp ex-employees founded Autobound scores $4M to become ‘ChatGPT for sales’

Image credits: Autobound

There is no way to miss ChatGPT these days. Whether it’s tweets highlighting or mocking flaws in its answers or bold predictions of its positive impact, ChatGPT has made headlines.

Now Autobound, a San-Francisco-based generative AI startup which calls itself  ChatGPT, but for sales emails, has raised $4M led by US-based VC Dundee. Other well-known players in the CRM and AI space participated as well, including AIX Ventures (also backed Bloom) , Richard Socher (, Henry Schuck (Zoominfo), Simon Chan (, Sam Guttman (OwnBackup), Tadeusz Witkowicz, and the USC Marshall Venture Fund, amongst others.

The US company will use the funds to accelerate product development and to scale its marketing, design, and machine learning functions. 

Provides personalised sales emails 

Founded by Daniel Wiener (CEO), Kyle Schuster (CPO), and Tanner McRae (CTO), Autobound uses AI to generate personalised sales emails based on news events, shared experiences, personas, competitors, social media, hiring trends, and more.

Kyle Schuster used to be the top sales manager globally at Yelp, and Tanner McRae has spent 6 years on Amazon’s R&D and ML teams.

Consequently, the company’s sales intelligence platform increases email reply rates by generating individually personalized sales emails using AI. 

“Until now, writing high-quality, personalized sales emails has been difficult for every seller out there. Sellers often resort to quantity over quality, which is a problem if they’re representing your company’s brand. Now that spray and pray methods are so widespread, the bar of what’s required to generate an email reply is higher than ever…” says CEO Daniel Wiener, who was previously the second-highest performing BDR in Oracle’s US sales division.

The US company is offering its product for free but will be launching a premium offering soon. 

Sellers from 250+ companies, including Zoominfo, UserZoom, Outreach, Workato, SailPoint, OnTop, and GoLinks are already using the system.

“Autobound’s AI suggests hyper-personalized content to the specific individual you’re reaching out to. Think ChatGPT, but for sales emails. We’re making it simple for any seller to write an A+ sales email instantly, so they can focus on revenue-producing activities like actually talking to buyers.” said Wiener.

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