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Waire Health raises £2M to scale patient monitoring tech

Waire Health
Photo Credit: Waire Health

Following a £2M funding round led by Eos Advisory and Scottish Enterprise, Waire Health, a Dunfermline, Scotland, UK-based provider of a remote patient monitoring device is ready to scale up its remote ward monitoring technology.

The funds will be used by the company to expand in international markets, including North America, and to strengthen its management team, production, and product development capabilities.

C-Detect, a remote patient monitoring device from Waire Health, operates autonomously in hospitals and homes, aiming to reduce costs and improve outcomes through continuous monitoring and artificial intelligence.

The C-Detect device has undergone extensive testing with the University of California, and Waire Health has partnerships in place with organisations ranging from global healthcare organisations to national governments. It was developed at the company’s Dunfermline headquarters and is produced in a facility close to Edinburgh. The company’s primary customers are healthcare technology platform providers, who in turn sell to hospitals and other healthcare organisations. The company sells platform-neutral sensors to these companies.

Dave Hurhangee, CEO and Founder of Waire Health, said, “The whole area of care at home got pushed over the edge during Covid. What many companies didn’t fully appreciate was the paramount importance of usability. If devices have to rely on mobile connections or Bluetooth, they become difficult to use from the outset, for both patients and healthcare providers. We bring design and detail from years of experience of working with the technology, and our devices fall back to cellular if Wi-Fi falls off. We think we have the best-of-class offering in the industry, and that’s being evidenced by the success we’re having in the market.”

Dave Hurhangee founded the company in 2018, and it primarily sells platform-neutral sensors to healthcare technology platform providers, who then sell to hospitals and other healthcare organisations.

Creating wearable technology

In the mid-1980s, Hurhangee began developing wearable technology for radiation monitoring on Ministry of Defence nuclear submarines based at Rosyth near Edinburgh. Hurhangee added, “If you can operate a monitoring device from a submarine, that gives you a strong foundation to build for applications across multiple sectors and environments. Along these lines, we’re now branching out into sectors outside healthcare, so that will be part of our next phase of growth.”

Mark Beaumont, Partner, Eos, said, “As healthcare systems in the UK and around the world move to remote monitoring and real time patient data, we see a huge opportunity for Waire Health to scale its C-Detect device. Eos is focused on finding, backing, and scaling the best science and technology in Scotland that improves quality of life, of which Waire is a brilliant example.”

Waire Health is also conducting a pilot study in collaboration with the Irish government and the Tata Group, an Indian multinational conglomerate.

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