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Revea picks $6M to reimagine skincare with hyperspectral imaging and AI


Revea, a US-based one-of-its-kind precision skincare company has raised $6 million in Seed II funding. The investment round was led by Alpha Edison with participation from Ulta Beauty, WaldenCast Ventures, GISEV, Verlinvest, Kathaka, and Stanford Co-Chair Musculoskeletal Imaging.

With this capital, Revea will launch the Revea Mobile Experience, which is currently in Beta to bring diagnostic capabilities to consumers’ smartphones. Also, the company will focus on expanding its on-demand manufacturing capability and growing its team.

“For too long, skincare has been driven by marketing and mass manufacturing. We’re on a mission to create the next generation of skincare rooted in science and data that works for each and every person, and is better for our planet,” said Chaz Giles, chief executive officer, Revea. We are a skincare technology company and we are thrilled to have strong tech partners and beauty investors like Ulta Beauty to continue pressing forward.”

“Ulta Beauty was founded to disrupt the status quo and today, we remain focused on doing just that across every touchpoint – with greater personalization than ever before,” said Prama Bhatt, chief digital officer, Ulta Beauty. “We are thrilled to support Revea as they continue to disrupt and deliver unique, personalized skincare solutions.”

Redefines the future of skincare

Revea was founded in 2019 by former Estee Lauder VP of Innovation and LEO Pharma Chief Data Scientist Troels Marstrand alongside Chaz Giles and Kana Panchmatia. The company uses Hyperspectral Imaging and AI to reimagine the skincare experience. Revea has created Precision Skincare and offers solutions based on advanced diagnostics, individually designed for one’s biology, and continually learning to help reveal the skin you were meant to have.

Since its launch, Revea has operated Precision diagnostic imaging consultations and individually designed formulations from its brick and mortar San Francisco location. In its San Francisco Lab, the company has already identified over 3,000 unique skin profiles, shedding light on why so many consumers struggle to find products that work for individual skin needs using the old ‘four skin types’ model. With more users entering its database, the number of skin profiles will continue to grow.

Revea has created the first, diagnostic and bioinformatic platform for skin, our largest organ. Connecting individual skin biology to its optimal ingredient formulation, its science & data-led model removes bias, continually learns from every measurement, and improves the skincare experience for every individual.

What does Revea do?

The Revea app uses hyperspectral imaging, thereby enabling the company to see below the epidermis layer of the skin to get to the root cause of a skin issue or concern. After receiving this information via an app user’s smartphone camera, Revea will use its artificial intelligence modeling to develop a unique skin profile and determine the right product formulas.

Unlike a photograph, a hypergraph measures how various wavelengths of visible and invisible light penetrate and reflect within the skin, similar to XRay or MRI. It goes beyond the skin surface to understand the root case and determine the best ingredients to enhance the skin. By combining hypergraph and deep learning models, it is possible to create a layer-by-layer analysis of skin health and needs.

Hyperspectral imaging collects hundreds of images at different wavelengths. It’s key to analysing skin and hair features, detecting blood flow in the face, and deciphering the melanin and hemoglobin content of a person’s skin.

Notably, the app will be the primary sales channel for the brand. The company believes that precision skincare can help people take control over their skin health and also address underserved customers without any bias.

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