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The tech industry saddened: Tributes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

HM Queen Elizabeth II
Image credit: MoD/©Crown Copyright 2013

Everyone at TFN was saddened to hear the news of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s death. The Queen was a constant in our lives, and while she gained her position as monarch through birth, she earned the nation’s respect through her sense of duty, hard work, and the humour she brought as a person.

In her seventy-year reign, The Queen has shaped not just the country, but the way we think about ourselves. Britain, and the world, is a better place for her reign, and for everyone that aspires to follow her example.

We all extend our deepest condolences to the Royal Family.

The tech sector reaction to the Queen’s death

There have been no shortage of tributes and expressions of sadness about The Queen’s death. And in such an overwhelming outpouring of emotion, it might seem that individual messages are lost. But each message, every condolence, comes with meaning, and the sheer volume of them is an expression of the high esteem in which The Queen was held.

Many tech companies have suspended their social media channels and publicity during the mourning period, but here is a selection of the messages from names, big and small, in the tech sector.

Several have shared simple expressions of condolence. Julie Sweet, the Chair and CEO of Accenture, posted her condolences on LinkedIn, adding The Queen, “will long be remembered for her extraordinary legacy of integrity, resilience, and service.” And resilience was a theme echoed by Speechmatics, the Cambridge-based speech recognition company, who also posted on LinkedIn, expressing gratitude to The Queen for her, “decades on the throne, her dedication, unwavering leadership, resilience, and devotion to Britain.” Balderton partner, James Wise, made the simple, but powerful, observation that it was “a great loss for her family, for Britain and for the world,” sharing an observation from her 1991 Christmas message about the importance of respect.

Bill Gates, whose tech and philanthropic work meant his paths crossed with The Queen, commented on Twitter that he was “honoured to have met HM Queen Elizabeth, and I am very sad to hear of her passing. My deepest condolences to the Royal Family and the British people.” Jeff Bezos, meanwhile, said, “I can think of no one who better personified duty. My deepest condolences to all the Brits mourning her passing today.”

And Aston Martin, releasing a corporate message, noted not just her dedication to public service, but also to tech. “Throughout her long reign,” they tweeted, she “was a passionate champion for British culture, enterprise, and innovation.”

Remembering a world leader

Fintech Funding Options tweeted that “the world mourns the loss of an extraordinary leader.” The Queen, as the UK’s head of state, represented the country around the world, both figuratively and literally. Apple marked her passing by replacing their pre-launch publicity for the new iPhone and Apple Watches with a portrait of The Queen across their international sites.

Others also picked up on Her Majesty’s global role. Samantha Kempe, the Chief Investment Officer at IMMO, the property investment fintech, wrote on LinkedIn, “we have lost one of the greatest leaders our world has ever seen.” She continued, “she was one of the most phenomenal, inspirational individuals, and an unbelievable benchmark of constancy, selflessness, commitment, and resilience. The calm leadership she consistently demonstrated, through the hundreds of storms she faced across her 70-year tenure, is unparalleled.”

AlbionVC also reflected on the length of her reign, and what it meant. “For over 70 years she has dedicated her life to serving our country and the Commonwealth,” they observed. “She has been a remarkable monarch, bringing unity and stability throughout times of unprecedented change.”

Zeta Yarwood, a senior-level executive and career coach, wrote in a LinkedIn post about the leadership qualities that The Queen exemplified. Observing that it was a role The Queen did not ask to have, she highlighted her commitment, servant leadership, humility and dignity, but finished with the example she provided: “A lesson for us all when it comes to motivation and dedication to our work. It’s not about loving your job. It’s about loving your people.”

In London, London and Partners reflected on her service. “Queen Elizabeth Il’s extraordinary reign has seen her dedicate 70 years to serving her country, making her the longest-serving British monarch in history. The United Kingdom and London have lost an exceptional figure. Her devotion to a life of service will never be forgotten, and the impact of her passing will be felt by many.”

And, finally, London Mayor Sadiq Khan spoke of what we all owe The Queen who, “served for seventy years with unrivalled grace, dignity, and purpose. She’s been with us every step of the way, through our darkest hours, and the brightest days.” He continued, ”I know Londoners and people across the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, are immensely proud of the legacy she leaves. The Queen dedicated her life to making Britain a better place, and we will forever be in her debt.”

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