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This web3 startup just got $1.5M to let people earn NFTs buying cannabis

Photo Credit: WEEDAR

WEEDAR, a distribution network for cannabis brands that blends AR-powered shopping experiences and gamified loyalty programmes, has secured $1.5M in a seed round led by an undisclosed private investor. To date, the company has raised $2.3M in funding.

The funds raised will be utilised to grow and improve the existing feature set, as well as scale marketing, as the firm continues to create its industry-first platform, which is already assisting cannabis brands in increasing sales and strengthening customer retention.

Earn money via NFT by purchasing marijuana

Instead of generic product catalogues, WEEDAR users can shop their favorite brands in 3D augmented reality, access exclusive product drops made in collaboration with popular artists, and collect NFTs. WEEDAR is the first and only marketplace where users can earn money by purchasing marijuana by trading or reselling NFTs. Additionally, customers can participate in gamified in-app activities and earn points for each victory. These points are saved in a virtual Stash Box and can be redeemed for discounts and merch, such as limited-edition customised bongs or grinders.

With over 700 items visualised in the cannabis market’s largest collection of 3D models, the startup is currently serving a population of 2M in California through 12 delivery hubs. 

In 2023, the web3 company intends to expand to Washington, New York, Florida, and Michigan. In addition to signing with The Cure Company and Kushstock Festival, WEEDAR has been growing steadily month over month by 30 percent.

“Cannabis is the United States’ fastest-growing market. VCs are pouring in cash and consumers are happily hopping on board. However, the marketing aspect seems to be stuck in the ‘90s. Most cannabis brands are clinging on to the old-school points program, which is outdated, boring and ties clients to one point of sаlе. With WEEDAR they can access limited edition products with unique packaging online, check out the item and its contents in AR, collect points, and redeem discounts and goodies. Our ultimate goal is to integrate these features with all points of sаlеs — online and offline — to create a unified loyalty platform, enabling consumers to get the most out of shopping with their favorite brands anywhere and any time,” — said Jonathan Bohun, founder and CEO of WEEDAR.

In 2021, Jonathan Bohun founded WEEDAR, a loyalty and distribution platform that offers gamified loyalty programmes and AR-powered distribution for cannabis brands. Through immersive and engaging personalised shopping experiences, the service assists cannabis firms in increasing sales, customer retention, and loyalty. Cannabis industry giants such as The Cure Company use the startup’s unique features to fuel their marketing and sales efforts

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