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The 10 most promising early-stage tech startups in Europe for 2023

Image credits: Techstars

Whether it be ChatGPT, next-gen fintech solutions or autonomous EVs, startups have an unparalleled ability to disrupt and provide innovative and progressive development that drives much-needed change. With their out-of-the-box ideas, these forward-thinking companies at the ground floor inspire us to strive just a bit harder to come up with the next great solution or work towards improving society, making it a little better for all of us.

Recently, the Torino Cities of the Future Techstars Accelerator has announced its Demo Day event for this year, featuring ten innovative startups from across Europe.

What is Techstars in Torino Demo Day?

Over the years, Techstars in Torino has achieved immense success, launching the first Smart Mobility accelerator and the first international accelerator program at OGR Torino. Last year, the program expanded to Italy, becoming the country’s first Smart City-focused accelerator. In the past three years, alumni have raised over $70 million in funding and created 400 jobs.

Demo Day events provide a platform for startups to gain exposure and funding to take their businesses to the next level. The Torino Cities of the Future Techstars Accelerator will be hosted in Turin and receives continued support from partners Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, and Fondazione CRT.

Check out the promising startups below:

Automatika Robotics (France)

Founded by Haroon Rasheed and Maria Kabtoul in 2023, Automatika Robotics provides AI for human-like navigation in unstructured spaces. The company works with the mission to develop the intelligence layer of robotics, enabling machines to better understand and navigate the world. Using its navigation technology, robots can navigate naturally in human-populated and unstructured environments.

Empethy (Italy)

Empathy is the first Italian platform, which is revolutionising the way people choose and adopt a pet. This end-to-end platform was founded by Annamaria Barbaro and Lorenza Silvestri to encourage responsible pet adoption, foster long-term relationships between humans and animals, and prevent animal abandonment.

Heloola (Italy)

Digital book club Heloola, founded in 2019, is designed to disrupt the way books are marketed, sold, and experienced, creating a sharing space that starts with books where one can discuss life, relationships, and the world.

Intuitivo (Portugal)

The brainchild of Diogo Silva, Duarte Oliveira and João Guimarães, Intuitivo, was founded in 2021. It is an all-in-one digital assessment platform for schools and teachers, facilitating the creation and correction of exercises, tests, and forms, assisting teachers and schools in both virtual and face-to-face teaching.

Pack (Italy)

The HR tech platform Pack was founded by Giacomo Gentili, Pietro Maria Picogna and Robert Timis in 2022. With data-driven mentoring, the company aims to increase employee retention while fostering people’s growth.

Preflet (Portugal)

Lisbon-based Preflet is an Energy AI platform founded by Francesca Rubbiani, Jorge Mendes, and Shailendra Tomar in 2019. It provides attainable actions to improve buildings’ energy efficiency, helping building owners and property managers to reduce costs and decarbonise building’ carbon footprint.

Sirius (Netherlands)

Founded in 2022, Amsterdam-based Sirius empowers small businesses to decarbonise, discover, finance, and implement. The company creates a personalised plan, hooks you up with the best suppliers, and even provides green financing.

Sorair (UK)

Sorair is an autonomous supply chain and logistics company based in London that was founded in 2021.

Tutornow (Italy)

A digital tutoring platform that caters to students of all ages and subjects was founded in Italy in 2021. A learning-disorder-focused edtech startup developed a virtual classroom with audio/video streaming and dedicated teaching functions, as well as a service that provides customised study paths for students of all grades.

Wibo (Italy)

Wibo, founded by Alessandro Busso and Tommaso Seita in 2018, helps corporates retain talents using a community-based, mobile-first learning platform, combining micro-learning content with live workshops and learning games, with a completion rate of 98%, translating into lower turnover and higher employee productivity.

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