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Shimmer launches first affordable coaching platform to help people deal with ADHD, nets $1.3M

Shimmer co-founder
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San Franciso-based Shimmer, a mental wellness platform that helps adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), has netted $1.3 million in seed funding. The investment came from Y Combinator (which backed Take App), Honeystone Ventures (founded by Stanford GSB professors), Koa Labs, Megan Hall (VP, CVS Health), and Gaingels, among others.

Memberships start from $99

In addition to the investment, Shimmer has launched a new ADHD coaching and accountability platform that is affordable. This science-informed and evidence-based coaching platform was developed by leading ADHD experts, including those from NYU and UCSF. It provides a highly affordable solution using expert ADHD coaches and mini or “bite-sized” live sessions paired with an accountability system.

The Shimmer program is personalised to suit each member’s unique needs and everything is accessible via mobile phone, easily fitting into a person’s everyday life.

Memberships to this platform start at $99 per month, which is five to 10 times more affordable than traditional ADHD coaching. It matches users to a coach and includes weekly 15-minute video sessions, ongoing support, and accountability through the app.

Chris Wang, Shimmer co-founder and CEO said, “After finally getting diagnosed earlier this year, I felt light; I had a name, an explanation, and a path forward. However, what I quickly found was that resources for adults were few and far between, designed with the 5-year-old boy in mind, and focused solely on ‘fixing’ me. So, we asked ourselves: how can we create a gold standard adult ADHD experience that is not only quality and affordable, but both build up the messy parts of ADHD (like executive dysfunction) and celebrates and strengthens the positives (like creativity, empathy, and energy)?”

According to Xenia Angevin, (MBA, Senior Practitioner Coach EMCC), Shimmer’s Head ADHD Coaching Psychologist, “Shimmer starts by helping users make sense of their unique ADHD journey, and teaches them science-backed strategies and skills for focus, prioritization, meeting deadlines, regulating emotions, self-control, and follow through on daily functions. Most importantly, we tap into each person’s creative energy and strengths to help them thrive and live their best life.”

“Medication helps people focus, but it doesn’t teach the strategies and skills needed to live with ADHD every day. Traditional therapy is extremely expensive and out of reach for so many,” said Dr. Anil Chacko, Shimmer’s clinical advisor. “Shimmer offers a new approach to ADHD care that is accessible and affordable with learnings that can last a lifetime.”

Helps people deal with ADHD

Reportedly, the neurodevelopmental condition known ADHD is massive and as many as 13 million American adults deal with its impacts every day. Many more suffer from ADHD symptoms, yet go through their lives undiagnosed. The condition may make it difficult to regulate emotions and complete everyday tasks at work and at home. It often leads to anxiety, depression, relationship problems, personal/professional stress and disruption, substance abuse, and more.

Shimmer was founded in 2021 in San Francisco by Chris Wang, Vikram Sreedhar, and Jon Wang to help millions of adults deal with the challenges associated with ADHD. Medication is frequently prescribed to treat ADHD and it can be extremely helpful, but the modern approach advocates for mixed treatment which includes coaching.

Led by Dr. Anil Chacko, Ph.D., associate professor of counseling at NYU, and Xenia Angevin, an elite executive coach to the top organisations globally, Shimmer incorporates methods recommended by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) and utilised by expert therapists and coaches.

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