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Sessions: The future of hybrid communication, why is this a game changer?

Sessions founder, Radu Negulescu. Image credit-

Sessions, the award-winning platform for customer-facing sessions, is set to revolutionise the video conferencing landscape with its AI-enhanced Copilot. Launching on April 27, 2023, Sessions Copilot promises to transform how businesses organise their customer-facing sessions, including webinars, demos, workshops, and training. But why is this a game-changer?

An intro to Sessions

Sessions enables businesses to host customer-facing sessions like webinars, demos, workshops, and training. The platform has been recognised as “Product of the Year” by Product Hunt and “Spring 2023 High Performer” by G2. Backed by established VC funds like EarlyBird and Stride, Sessions has quickly become a leader in the remote and hybrid work environment, currently serving over 10,000 customers worldwide with its immersive and interactive video conferencing platform. As the use of webinars and workshops is growing rapidly, Sessions offers an innovative tool to make video conferencing more engaging and productive.

Enhanced engagement with polls, icebreakers, and more

Sessions Copilot boosts interactivity with features like polls and icebreakers, captivating participants and encouraging involvement. With these tools, businesses can make sessions more effective and productive by enhancing engagement and enabling participants to have a more immersive experience.

Time-saving efficiency with AI-assisted agenda-building

AI-assisted agenda-building streamlines preparation, allowing you to focus on content delivery and relationship-building. With Copilot’s help, businesses can save time and make the process more efficient by automating routine tasks and simplifying scheduling.

Improved accessibility with automated transcripts

Automated transcripts make sessions more inclusive and accessible for non-native speakers or those with hearing impairments. With Sessions Copilot, businesses can ensure that all participants can engage with the content by providing transcripts that help to improve accessibility and make sessions more effective.

Better follow-up and retention with smart summaries

Smart summaries enable effective follow-up, improving information retention and accountability among participants and stakeholders. By providing quick summaries of the session’s key points, businesses can ensure that participants retain information and can easily reference the content discussed during the session.

Consistency and collaboration with centralised templates and resources

Sessions Copilot promotes team-wide consistency and collaboration by centralising templates, resources, and session assets in one workspace. By streamlining resources and providing a centralised location for all materials, businesses can promote collaboration and consistency, making sessions more effective and productive.

About the founder

Radu Negulescu is the founder and CEO of sessions, a platform that connects learners and experts for personalised online tutoring. He started sessions in 2022, after founding Trencadis in 2008, a company that offers IT solutions to the government sector. He has a passion for education and believes that everyone should have access to high-quality learning opportunities. Radu attended University Babes-Bolay in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Revolutionising the future of video conferencing

Sessions has quickly become a leader in the remote and hybrid work environment. The platform provides an all-in-one solution for businesses seeking to streamline their customer-facing sessions, offering immersive and interactive experiences for webinars, workshops, and demos. With the addition of the AI Copilot, Sessions continues to innovate and stay ahead of the curve, providing businesses with the tools and support they need to create truly memorable and engaging sessions.

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