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roclub receives €4M seed funding to transform teleoperation in healthcare

roclub Co-Founders
roclub Co-Founders. Image credits; roclub

Improvements in medicine indeed present a double-edged sword. On one hand, they lead to longer and healthier lives, which is undoubtedly positive. However, the flip side is the mounting strain on healthcare systems worldwide. The increased demand for medical services poses significant challenges. From Germany, roclub has stepped up to address this issue. Their mission is to unlock the untapped potential of medical technology and enhance patient care.

roclub, a pioneer in teleoperation technology for healthcare, has announced the successful closure of a €4 million seed funding round led by prominent European and American early-stage investors Speedinvest and FJ Labs. Additional participation came from Better Ventures and strategic angels. This round follows a previously announced pre-seed funding of over €2.5 million. With this fresh infusion of capital, roclub aims to expand its operations from DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) to other regions in Europe and the United States, further develop its remote healthcare service marketplace, and grow its international team.

roclub: a digital health company

roclub is a digital health company based in Berlin that specialises in teleoperation technology for healthcare. Founded in 2022 by Dr. Matthias Issing and André Glardon, roclub aims to transform the operation of medical technology for healthcare organisations worldwide. The company’s teleoperation platform enables remote connectivity for MRI/CT scanners, facilitating various use cases such as remote scanning, support, and education. Backed by leading early-stage investors and strategic angels, roclub is committed to shaping the future of medical technology and patient care.

Addressing the global healthcare workforce shortage

The global healthcare sector is grappling with a severe shortage of personnel, exacerbated by an aging population. By 2030, one in six people worldwide will be 60 years or older, placing immense strain on healthcare systems. Teleoperations, like those offered by roclub, present a viable solution to this pressing issue. The company’s teleoperation platform enables remote access and operation of medical devices from anywhere in the world, thereby increasing access to care, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring business continuity for healthcare organisations.

Capturing a €50B market opportunity

Teleoperations represent a significant market opportunity estimated at €50 billion. roclub is at the forefront of digital innovation in medical technology, leveraging a web-based, multi-modal, and multi-vendor approach. The platform sets a new standard for the efficient operation of medtech devices, catering to the evolving needs of healthcare providers and patients alike.

Empowering healthcare professionals and enhancing patient care

roclub’s teleoperation platform empowers healthcare organisations to ensure the seamless operation of medical technology round the clock. It also offers medical-technical professionals the flexibility to organise their work schedules and choose their preferred working locations. Ultimately, roclub’s mission is to eliminate examination cancellations due to staff shortages and ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Investor confidence and Co-founder comments

Leading investors, including Speedinvest, FJ Labs, and Better Ventures, have demonstrated confidence in roclub’s vision and potential for growth. The company’s co-founders, Dr. Matthias Issing and André Glardon, bring deep expertise in the healthcare and technology sectors, positioning roclub as a frontrunner in teleoperation innovation.

André Glardon, roclub Co-Founder & Managing Director: “We are pioneering a platform that has the potential to disrupt the operation of medtech. Our vision: Better access to care for patients, more flexibility and business opportunities for medical technical staff and business continuity for healthcare providers worldwide. We are thrilled by the support of leading early-stage investors like Speedinvest and FJ Labs who not only believe in our vision but support us with their strong investment platform to grow and scale our business.”

Transforming healthcare through teleoperation

Founded in 2022, roclub is dedicated to revolutionising the operation of medical technology worldwide. Its teleoperation platform, initially focused on MRI/CT scanners, facilitates remote scanning, support, and education. The company has already enabled the connectivity of a significant number of scanners across university hospitals, mid-size hospitals, and outpatient centres in the DACH region.

Continued commitment to innovation and impact

roclub’s mission aligns with the broader goal of enhancing the global healthcare system and addressing critical workforce gaps. With the support of investors and strategic partners, roclub is poised to scale its operations and drive meaningful change in the healthcare industry.

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