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QX Lab AI: Meet India’s ChatGPT launched in the UK to rival OpenAI

Arjun Prasad
Image credit: QX Lab

An evening at the prestigious Guildhall, just weeks after Tech Funding News covered the Innovate Finance conference last month, and this time we were there for a dinner to witness the launch of a new AI product by a UAE-based startup aiming to compete with Sam Altman’s OpenAI. We’re talking about QX Lab AI, an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) company, which has announced the launch of Ask QX PRO, an advanced version of its Generative AI platform Ask QX.

Building on the success of Ask QX, which focused on text-to-text capabilities, Ask QX PRO introduces multimodal features like text-to-image, image-to-text, document analysis, and text-to-code, alongside its text-to-text functionalities. This expansion incorporates a wider array of functionalities and requirements, positioning QX Lab AI as a competitor to OpenAI and other industry leaders, with a strong focus on user education and accessibility.

We met the Indian-origin founders including Arjun Prasad who plans to launch the latest product across UK and Europe this year and is also seeking funding by June 2024. He highlighted two key differentiators for QX Lab’s product compared to OpenAI and others. First, their architecture uses a node-based system for data storage, allowing users to keep their data on-premise if desired. Second, QX Lab focuses on “rewriting” text in 120+ languages instead of relying on translation APIs, ensuring better quality and control.

Further, he also highlighted, that they are targeting VCs in Europe and the UK due to their diverse language coverage. Additionally, they plan to expand their product offering beyond the initial launch.

Off late, AI tech is being heavily used in almost all industries. Just a month back, we had seen one GenAI powered platform, founded by musician that raised £2.5M to artificially produce audio faster, better and cheaper.

Beyond text-to-text: Ask QX PRO’s multimodal capabilities

Since its launch earlier this year, Ask QX has garnered over 15 million users. Ask QX PRO capitalises on this success by offering a wider range of functionalities. The platform’s text-to-image feature can generate clear images based on textual descriptions, while the image-to-text feature helps users extract detailed information from images. Additionally, the text-to-code feature allows users to transform written descriptions into code snippets, with an editing function for further refinement. The document analysis feature facilitates document exploration, searching, and information extraction. These features position Ask QX PRO as a versatile tool for various practical applications.

For business users, QX Lab AI has introduced the Advanced Multimodal Synthesis System (AMSS) and the Dynamic Integration and Synthesis Matrix (DISM). AMSS employs a complex architecture trained on a massive dataset to enable robust data integration between different data types, ideal for intricate B2B applications. DISM utilises advanced mechanisms to seamlessly synthesise multimodal data from various sources, ensuring precise and adaptable outputs that cater to evolving business needs. Both AMSS and DISM prioritise data privacy through techniques like differential privacy algorithms.

Prasad emphasised that QX Lab prioritises data privacy by building ethical considerations into the core architecture. This focus allows them to pursue government contracts and navigate strict data privacy regulations in the EU and UK.

Democratising Generative AI: Ask QX PRO in 120+ languages

A core mission of QX Lab AI is to democratise access to Generative AI. Ask QX PRO supports over 120 languages, including minority languages within the UK, ensuring users from diverse regions can leverage this technology. The platform offers a free tier with a premium model planned for launch in mid-June 2024. Data privacy remains a top priority, with user data stored locally in compliance with relevant regulations. Ask QX PRO is currently available on Android devices, with an iOS version expected soon.

QX Lab AI’s differentiation strategies

In a competitive landscape, QX Lab AI emphasises several key differentiators for Ask QX PRO. One key area is industry-specific integration. Unlike competitors offering broad AI applications, Ask QX PRO focuses on deep integration, automating complex B2B operations and providing tailored solutions for specific industries. This approach aims to streamline workflows and enhance business efficiency.

Addressing development challenges: Building AMSS and DISM

The development of AMSS and DISM presented unique challenges. For DISM, ensuring accurate data synthesis from multiple sources was paramount. The QX Lab AI team addressed this by using advanced cross-modal attention mechanisms and recursive tensor decomposition, enabling real-time integration of diverse data types. 

Similarly, AMSS development focused on seamless data integration from various sources. The team employed a robust, layered architecture with advanced algorithms for efficient processing and real-time interpretation. Data privacy remained a key concern, addressed through encryption and controlled access mechanisms.

Ensuring user privacy in a stringent regulatory environment

With Ask QX PRO operating in the UK and EU, stringent data privacy regulations are a top priority. QX Lab AI implements robust encryption and access controls on the platform to anonymize and secure user data, adhering to GDPR requirements. Real-time monitoring systems are also in place to swiftly detect and address potential security breaches.

What we think about the startup

While the initial focus is on the European market, QX Lab AI has ambitious plans for global expansion. The company emphasises its commitment to customization, ensuring Ask QX PRO can be adapted to cater to the needs of individual users, corporations, and governments across the globe, with adjustments made for specific technological needs and regulatory environments.

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