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Prepr, world’s first data-driven headless CMS closes €2.25M funding

To create an impact, you need a quality piece of content that matters a lot. Besides this, you also need an actionable solution that lets you publish, optimise, and evaluate content. This is where Prepr’s, world’s first data-driven headless CMS comes to help.

€2.25M investment

Prepr’s headless CMS, which allows businesses to personalise customer experiences, has closed €2.25 million in pre-Series A funding.

The investment round was led by Newion in cooperation with ROM Utrecht. Prepr will deploy the funds for its European expansion and to further improve its features.

Responding to TFN in an exclusive questionnaire, Prepr CEO Jouko Huismans shared their future plans. Regarding the investment round, he said “Prepr now has a solid base in its home market of the Netherlands and surrounding countries. With this investment, Prepr wants to accelerate its growth in the rest of Europe in the next two years.”

Patrick Polak, Managing Partner Newion said “Currently the CMS market is booming and pivoting towards headless systems. Prepr has a unique foundation, making it easy to deliver personalization at scale while keeping the agile workflow of a headless CMS. We believe Prepr is well-prepared for market leadership, and we look forward to our joint journey to get there.”

World’s first data-driven headless CMS!

Founded in 2012 by Tim Hanssen in Utrecht, the Netherlands as a user-friendly CMS for media organisations, Prepr developed into a smart solution trusted by content teams worldwide. Initially, Tim and other co-developers created a CMS designed for multichannel publishing, tailored to the needs of media brands and broadcasters. This CMS was the predecessor of Prepr.

The world’s first data-driven CMS enables businesses to maximise the impact of their content. It includes an in-built personalisation engine, which embodies features including lean customer profiles, real-time segments, and content targeting.

It does this by lowering development costs and accelerating time-to-market with its simpler and leaner platform. Currently, Prepr works with the mission to maximise the impact or engagement of published content as it boosts the business value.

Regarding how they are different from competitors, Jouko said, “Traditional headless CMSs are limited to managing and publishing digital content. Prepr differentiates itself from this in that it additionally allows companies to personalise content thanks to its built-in personalisation engine. Until now, companies still needed to purchase, implement and integrate different systems for personalisation. For example, a combination of a headless CMS, customer data platform, and personalisation engine. That is complex, costly, and time-consuming. With Prepr, you only need one system for content management and personalization. As a result, companies can save a lot of money and speed up time-to-market.”

How does it work?

Prepr centralises content and data, so users can publish content at scale, personalise customer experiences, and maximise engagement, all within one system.

Firstly, it centralises and manages content in one place, and publishes it on all desired channels and platforms. Then, the headless CMS captures views, likes, subscribes, conversions and all other interactions with the content. The next step is to improve the overall customer experience and increase engagement with personalisation, recommendations, and notifications.

On asked about products and features can we expect in the future from Prepr, Jouko said, “Prepr’s vision is that the future of content management is data-driven. Because data enables you to maximize the impact of your digital content. Our goal is to give forward-thinking companies the best tools for managing, publishing, and personalising digital content. In the coming period, you can expect Prepr to focus on developing and expanding data-driven features. For example, advanced segmentation, content targeting and personalisation across multiple touchpoints.”

Smart plans for teams

Prepr serves businesses ranging from disrupting startups to leading enterprises with its tailor made plans designed to suit their requirements. Each paid plan comprises unlimited content items, unlimited API calls, unlimited assets, unlimited content models, 100GB of built in CDN, optimisation tools, recommendations and personalisation.

First, it offers a free plan for developers including one environment, one user and Community support. This is meant for developers who want to give Prepr a spin.

The next plan is Start, which is for serious projects and is priced at €399 per month. It includes one environment, 10 Users (max 25) and support for Community, Email, and Slack. The third plan on offer is Grow and it is meant for growing teams with scaling applications and personalisation. It priced at €899 per month and includes one environment, 10 Users (max 25) and support for Community, Email, and Slack.

Lastly, there is an Enterprise plan, which us tailored to the needs of the business. It supports more environments, more users and
professional support in onboarding and architecture.

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