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Predictions for 2023 by a startup founder working on world’s first deployable quantum light source


Do you know what a quantum computer is? It is qualified to break the current encryption protocols we use, effectively shutting down the Internet. Quantum computers make significant improvements in processing speed by taking advantage of some of the almost ethereal quantum mechanical phenomena.

With Intel, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon vying for the top spot in the quantum encryption market, the race to develop the quantum computer is already underway, and 2023 will bring us one step closer to a full-scale quantum revolution.

Future of quantum computing

We spoke with Dr Mas Sich, who having started his career as a quantum physicist, is now the co-founder and CEO of Aegiq. The company develops solutions for broad-scale quantum adoption. He is a serial entrepreneur focused on deep tech with experience in aerospace, manufacturing, and other industries. From the London School of Economics, he earned a BSc in economics and finance and his PhD in physics from the University of Sheffield.

Aiming to shape communications with quantum photonics and build the quantum cloud of the future, Sich shares his predictions for the future of quantum technology with Tech Funding News.

More M&As in 2023: We should see more M&A and consolidation on the market with two primary drivers: maturity of startups with smaller, niche products and more challenging capital markets.

New startups: At the same time, we are likely to see at least the same, if not more new startups entering the space with a bigger share of non-academic/research spin-outs driven by challenges and market gaps. This is primarily due to increased awareness of quantum tech among the wider enterprise sector and the looming adoption of the first standards and mandatory regulation related to PQC (post-quantum security) in 2023/2024.

More investments in 2023: Market will be cleaned from hype-driven non-expert VC, hence more quality deals will emerge in private markets with sensible valuations. Quantum tech investments are primarily driven by long-term vision and not speculative short term opportunities.

A Black Swan moment: Today, technology is one of the fastest-growing and most rapidly changing aspects of human life. A new idea pops up almost every day, making keeping up 

with this lightning pace increasingly difficult. As a result, organisations are vulnerable to “black swans.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb describes a black swan as a rare, unpredicted, and unexpected event that can have a significant impact on an organisation.

Consequently, there remains an opportunity for a technological black swan to emerge, which will disrupt the current technological state of the art and bring significant acceleration to the market.

Aegiq is a spin-out of the University of Sheffield, founded by Dr. Max Sich, Dr. Scott Dufferwiel, and Andrii Iamshanov. The technology is based on high-performance single-photon sources and enables a range of new applications in quantum computing and networking.

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