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Parenting app founded by mum-of-two amidst pandemic raises over £300K

Onoco Founder
Image credits: Onoco

Onoco, a data-powered parenting app headquartered in London, has received over £300,000 (£322,000 precisely) in crowdfunding on Seedrs after RideTandem. This oversubscribed investment tops the initial £150,000 pre-seed investment that the company received from Jenson Funding Partners in late 2021 along with an additional 220 investors.

Builds on success of Onoco

The parenting app has reached 124% of its initial target with this round. The funding comes as demand for parent tech has spiked with US companies in the sector raising $1.4 billion in 2021 alone, which is higher than the total investment amount accumulated in the past four years.

With this fund, Onoco wants to continue rapid growth and development to help even more families around the world on their parenting journey. The fund will be used to support continued growth and development of the app, including the effective release of a new ‘next nap predictor, powered by AI, rollout of additional personalisation options so Onoco truly works for every family, enhancing existing app features on both free and premium subscriptions based on customer feedback; and developing a hub of childcare consultants available in-app for families to easily access.

Commenting on the fundraising success, Margaret Zablocka, founder of Onoco said: “Launching a new business and product during lockdown while juggling two small children was no easy feat, but as soon as I saw how fragmented the existing parenting technology market was, I knew there was the space to make a real difference – and the positive feedback we regularly receive from families reflect this. It’s fantastic to now see so many investors sharing this belief and committing to taking Onoco to the next level, helping even more families stay calm, connected and confident during those early years of parenting.”

Makes parenting simple

Onoco was launched in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic by mum-of-two Margaret Zablocka. It was inspired by her experience of early motherhood and the lack of clear and concise digital support available on the market. With individual services and sites for tracking sleep, managing nutrition, detailing activities and understanding milestones, the founder realised that this segregated market caused parents frustration and confusion.

The parenting app is designed to help organise families through planning, documenting infant care, and tracking their development. She founded the company with the belief that she could evolve the parent tech space by merging her professional skills with her personal experiences. The end result is a family hub accessible to children’s caregivers, which supports modern family setups to move from the outdated idea of stay-at-home-mums and working dads.
The parenting tech startup is on a mission to help parents in the first five years of their child’s life. The app merges three different app categories, including baby trackers, family organisers, and baby development plans.

Onoco believes everything should be at hand in one app, which is simple, safe and easy to share, helping parents navigate their busy lives while enjoying parenting. With the app, parents will gain peace of mind from knowing exactly how their baby’s routine is progressing, but they’ll also have information available should they need to share it with a midwife, a health visitor or other healthcare professionals.

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