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OANDA offers 80% profit and advanced tools for prop traders

Picture credits: OANDA

OANDA, a leading provider of financial services and online trading, now offers traders a more secure and convenient trading environment through its OANDA Labs Prop Trader program. Launched on January 22nd, 2024, this new offering centers around profit sharing by allowing traders to improve their skills and profits by using OANDA’s leading technology and market relationships.

Proprietary trading (also called prop trading) is an excellent method for experienced traders to earn more and for new traders to learn more about trading and decide if it is right for them. It presents an opportunity to accumulate profit with better trading conditions, such as higher levels of funding, sophisticated technologies, and loads of market data, which OANDA brings to the table.

OANDA is a regulated broker with a wealth of experience in trading at a global level. They are also a prop trading firm with leading technology and technology licenses and are always looking for ways to help new and existing traders excel. 

How the OANDA Labs Trader program works

The program is designed to offer traders an opportunity to serve as signal providers for OANDA in-house trading operations. To qualify for profit sharing as an OANDA Labs Trader, traders must first excel in an evaluation process known as a trading Challenge — which involves using a demo or paper trading platform to test their strategies and abilities with funds. 

Upon initiation, traders receive access to an OANDA Labs Trader account and are entitled to a portion of the profits they generate. OANDA’s internal trading algorithms incorporate the signals generated by OANDA Lab’s traders and other data points to inform the company’s market positioning decisions.

Improvement on the OANDA Labs Traders program


OANDA has combined its innovative program with a better approach to provide traders with improved trading and better Challenge conditions.

The assessment of these challenges is now more flexible and convenient, with a higher profit sharing of 80%. This is in addition to traders’ ability to continue using Meta-based platforms alongside other analytical tools, like the TradingView app, and have a reliable payout system when they are owed a profit share.

Prop traders who complete a Challenge can unlock an 80% profit share as a signal provider in as little as two to three days.

According to Kurt vom Scheidt, Chief Operating Officer of OANDA, the company’s vision revolves around enabling smarter trading for clients. He stated, “This program allows the most capable traders to access global financial markets across various asset classes easily. In addition, traders earn a share of their profitable trades of virtual funds and will receive vital tools like educational resources, exclusive features, and widgets for successful trading. We anticipate growing our proprietary trading activity by incorporating valuable insights from Labs Traders as inputs into our trading models.”

Features for prop traders from OANDA through their Lab Prop Trader program include:

  • Access to a more secure trading environment.
  • A higher level of capital.
  • Access to more sophisticated tools, technology, and market data.
  • Profit sharing of 80% once onboarded as an OANDA Labs Trader.
  • Leverage of 100:1.
  • Low-risk learning with top educational tools.
  • Exclusive data-driven features and widgets.

OANDA’s commitment to security


Security and reliability are two critical factors in the financial industry. OANDA uses industry-standard security protocols for its platforms to guarantee information and funds are safe. Since many people trade on the go, OANDA has also moved its services to the cloud, bringing the stability of cloud computing to clients wherever they are for simplified access to the markets.

Their user-centric approach helps them deliver basic and advanced trading tools, giving prop traders a competitive edge for managing traders and staying profitable.

About prop trading

Proprietary trading is where a firm like OANDA invests its own funds for profit rather than using a client’s money. The primary goal is full profits (and losses) from any trades placed in the market rather than from a commission for processing trades,

OANDA’s approach to proprietary trading opens up this model for external traders to participate. Traders access virtual capital and trade it in real market conditions. OANDA uses this virtual trading to generate trading signals for their proprietary trading models to follow. When a trader’s virtual trades generate positive P&L (profit and loss) in the trader’s virtual account, OANDA pays a share of this P&L to the participating trader as an actual payout. This is because OANDA’s proprietary trading benefits from accessing these trading signals in their own trading decisions. 

Along with the opportunity to earn a profit share, prop traders typically have access to the firm’s technologies and market data, which can help them navigate the challenges of trading.


Founded in 1996, OANDA is a financial services company registered and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore that provides brokerage services to traders across crypto, currencies, stocks, bonds, commodities, and other financial markets. 

From a foundation as a trusted source for currency data to launching a forex trading platform that helped establish web-based currency trading, OANDA stays committed to creating smarter trading experiences. Established in many of the world’s financial markets, including New York, London, Toronto, Warsaw, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney, OANDA helps clients access different asset classes on an award-winning trading platform.

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