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London-based receives £100M to expand on-street EV charging network

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London-based EV charging company,, has secured an increase in commitment to £100 million to boost the rollout of its on-street charging infrastructure across the UK. This significant investment from Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF) managed by Zouk Capital, which invested in enspired and Dendra Systems, underscores’s pivotal role in the nation’s transition to electric vehicles.

How will it use the funding?

This funding will support and enhance the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Fund (LEVI) extending its reach and ensuring equitable public access to charging infrastructure. These funds will accelerate the rollout of’s public on-street charging infrastructure throughout the UK during the next five years, providing vital support for the 40% of UK households without access to off-street parking. 

With this new investment from Zouk Capital, the startup aims to grow its network from over 3,000 charge points today to 100,000 by 2030, supporting the transition for up to 1 million drivers. Currently, the UK has around 60,000 public charge points.

George Ridd, Partner Zouk Capital, added: “Zouk’s increased commitment to comes at a pivotal time as the EV charging market experiences exponential growth. Collaborating with dedicated partners like allows local authorities to provide accessible, reliable charging infrastructure to their residents now and into the future. We are delighted to strengthen our support for’s mission. Well-capitalised providers like ensure that councils can depend on consistent, long-term investments, which are crucial for sustainable infrastructure development. Investors committed for the long haul are essential in meeting the growing demand for EV infrastructure and supporting the UK’s Net Zero 2050 goals.”

What does do?

Founded by Richard Stobart, provides and operates EV charge points in the UK, managing a network of over 3,000 public charging stations. Its range of charge point solutions, designed and manufactured in the UK, have proved highly effective with network availability consistently over 99%. 

Since the installation of its first public charge point in Marlow, Buckinghamshire in 2018, has consistently delivered robust on-street EV charging networks. Capable of deploying over 500 charge points monthly, the company is accelerating its rollout to help meet the estimated requirement of 300,000 public chargers needed by 2030. 

The deployment of more EV charging points helps to decrease reliance on fossil-fuel-powered vehicles, significantly lowering CO2 emissions and other harmful pollutants, and contributing to cleaner, healthier communities across the UK.

John Lewis, CEO, said: “We are delighted that with Zouk’s continued support, we will continue to expand our on-street charging network, making EV ownership viable for more individuals reliant on public charging, supporting their transition to sustainable transport. Our mission is to ensure EV adoption is accessible to everyone, creating parity between those with off-street parking and those without. The latest funding will help us accelerate our ambitious growth plans and will be directed towards the rollout of more charge points across the next five years. We are here to partner with local councils, providing the expertise and scale needed to drive the UK’s green agenda forward.”

What do we think about is making a substantial impact on the UK’s EV charging infrastructure with its ambitious rollout of on-street charge points. The recent £100 million investment underscores its pivotal role in supporting EV adoption, especially for households without off-street parking. By significantly expanding its network, the company is helping to meet the UK’s Net Zero 2050 goals and facilitating a cleaner, greener future.

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