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Indian startup Kindly wants to address sexual health issues, raises $3.25M

Kindly Founders
Image credits: Kindly

Kindly, an Indian healthtech startup that supports people dealing with sexual lifestyle disorders and fertility issues, has picked up $3.25 million in seed funding. The investment came from investors around the world, including Y Combinator, DG Daiwa, Olive Tree, Soma, Goodwater, and Gaingels.

Expansion plans

Kindly will use the capital to accelerate its growth and expansion across India and international markets.

Nilay Mehrotra, Founder & CEO of Kindly, commented: “We’ve attracted investors from around the world and this bodes well for our expansion into markets beyond India. The funding round wil elevate us from from a disruptor brand to a market leader in the lifestyle and sexual wellness market. With fresh product lines, a tech-enabled platform for easy access to our services, and our intention for global expansion, we are poised to enter the next phase of our growth.”

“As a growth-stage investor focused on bio health led businesses, we are excited to partner with Kindly. The wellness market has changed dramatically over the last year, and we believe the demand for at home diagnostics will only continue to grow. Kindly’s diagnostics first based model is well positioned for success, and we believe it has the potential to grow” added Takeshi Kanamori, Managing Director, DG Daiwa ventures.

What issue does Kindly address?

Reportedly, both men and women face sexual wellness concerns but due to lack of awareness and social stigma associated with these problems they refrain from seeking help. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and loss of libido are one of the major concerns for men. Most women suffer from painful sex, vaginusmus, vaginal dryness and loss of libido but in most cases it is ignored due lack of knowledge.

Kindly addresses the market of 130 million users in India who will benefit from its full stack approach by early diagnosis of lifestyle disorders, expert doctor consultations and research backed supplements to overcome and manage lifestyle disorders such as sexual dysfunctions, low vitality, PCOS and menstrual pain.

Diagnostic-first approach to sexual health

Founded in 2020 by Nilay Malhotra and Raj Garg in Bengaluru, Kindly (previously known as is a holistic sexual performance and a lifestyle brand focussed on the sexual & reproductive health space. The startup provides an end-to-end, research-backed solution for sperm health and sexual performance for men, PCOS, irregular periods & period pain for women, and low libido for women.

The YCombinator (W22 cohort) backed startup is Asia’s only diagnostics-first lifestyle brand offering a full-stack sexual wellness solution, including at-home diagnostics, convenient expert consultations, and doctor-backed supplements. Kindly is the only brand in India to offer at-home-semen tests that are not only focused on fertility issues but also on lifestyle disorders, which are extremely common among men and women today.

Kindly’s offerings are categorised into KindlyHis and KindlyHers to address the needs of both genders. KindlyHis is predominantly leading the conversation about sexual performance and sperm health whereas KindlyHers focuses on women’s holistic wellness offering products and services for sexual, menstrual, and hormonal wellness.

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