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From AI to metaverse, 10 European startups that wowed MWC 2023

MWC 2023 startups

After being called off in 2020 and 2021 and conducted on a smaller scale in 2022 due to the pandemic outbreak, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 was hosted in a full-fledged manner in Barcelona this year. It garnered a lot of excitement and welcomed over 80,000 attendees and over 2,000 exhibitors.

As usual, the MWC show floor has been a unique platform for the amplification of industry announcements and thought leadership. At the event, the father of the cell phone, Martin Cooper was honoured as the first recipient of the GLOMO Lifetime Achievement Award, to the pioneers, thought leaders, and innovators of Web 3.0.

The recently concluded conference showcased some technologies for the consumer world in the years to come. Some of the tech trends targeted at the MWC 2023 include AI, IoT, metaverse, robotics, 5G, and web3 among others. It also includes the 4YFN (four years from now) that highlights thousands of startups across categories.

Here at TFN, we have listed some European startups in these booming industries that participated in MWC 2023.

Urban XR (UK)

Urban XR team
Image credits: Urban XR

Founder/s: James Lee Burgess
Founded year: 2019
Total funding: NA

Norwich’s mixed reality startup provide independent professional advice, management of viability and implementation of Extended Reality (XR) strategies for towns and cities. Urban XR is pushing the boundaries of the built environment using creative extended reality (XR).

Urban XR showcased its cutting-edge Visual Positioning Technology (VPS) to deliver this AR experience at MWC 2023. It showed how IoT can be used to revolutionise the way towns and cities can function to deliver sustainable outcomes. Transport data, underground farm monitoring, security, and building occupancy information are just a few of the data sets brought to life overlayed onto a highly detailed scale AR model of central London.

La Frontera (Spain)

La Frontera founder
Image credits: La Frontera

CEO: Francisco Mosquera
Founded year: 2017
Total funding: NA

Spanish startup La Frontera uses the metaverse to provide virtual meetings with realistic avatars. It is involved in the development of immersive VR/AR environments, oriented to the B2B segment and is committed to developing environments that are 100% tailored to the client’s needs. At the MWC 2023, the company showcased a project that works with pharmaceutical companies to show the way a drug works at the cellular level in the body.

6WIND (France)

6WIND founder
Image credits: 6WIND

Founder/s: Eric Carmès
Founded year: 2020
Total funding: NA

6WIND is a networking software company and its software is deployed globally by Service Providers, Cloud Providers, Systems Integrators, Enterprises and Tier-1 OEMs, It lets customers to replace expensive hardware with software and virtualisation for routing and security use cases.

The Paris-headquartered startup presented its newest Cloud Native solution along with its high-performance and secure networking software solutions. It delivered more than 25Gbps IPsec performance with a single CPU core.

Ceragon Networks (Israel)

Ceragon Networks team
Image credits: Ceragon Networks

Founder/s: Inon Beracha, Shraga Katz
Founded year: 1996
Total funding: NA

This Israeli startup provides innovative, flexible and cost-effective wireless backhaul and fronthaul solutions. It enables mobile operators and other wired/wireless service providers to deliver 5G and other broadband services to their subscribers. Ceragon Network’s high-capacity solutions use microwave technology to transfer voice and data traffic while maximising bandwidth efficiency, to deliver more capacity over longer distances under any deployment scenario.

Recently, it launched Ceragon Insight, an AI-based Intelligence and Management Software Suite capable of planning, managing, analyzing, and automating multi-vendor wireless transport networks. This solution helps customers increase operational efficiency, improve network performance, and speed up troubleshooting, and these new software capabilities were showcased at the MWC 2023. (Switzerland)
Image credits:

Founder/s: Bruno Vollmer, Mael Fabien
Founded year: 2021
Total funding: NA

Transforming the future of accessibility, has developed a smart shoulder-worn AI-powered harness that uses autonomous driving technology to guide blind and partially-sighted people with 3D sounds. Equipped with 3D cameras, it identifies and predicts the trajectories of objects in the environment to ensure that users navigate the world safely. The company also provides the wearers with intuitive feedback via bone-conducting headphones.

XRAI Glass (UK)

XRAI Glass
Image credits: XRAI Glass

Founder/s: Dan Scarfe, Mitchell Feldman
Founded year: 2022
Total funding: NA

XRAI Glass creates software solutions powered by Augmented Reality. Its AI chat glass converts audio into visuals. Eventually, speech is converted into subtitles in real-time to enrich and empower the lives of people. Also, the transcribed speech from people nearby will be displayed on the lenses or attached smartphone.

At a time when ChatGPT is trending, XRAI has integrated with the OpenAI chatbot’s technology with its app and glasses setup. It can help people with hearing difficulties have an AI assistant recap a conversation in which many people were involved.

GreenWaves Technologies (France)

Image credits: Greenwaves Technologies

Founder/s: Denis Mestdagh, Eric Flamand, Joël Cambonie, Loic Lietar
Founded year: 2014
Total funding: $34.9M

GreenWaves Technologies is a fabless semiconductor startup designing disruptive GAP9 ultra-low power application processors for image and sound processing and analysis. Its processors are meant for energy-constrained products such as hearables, wearables, IoT and medical monitoring products.

At the MWC 2023, the company showcased how the GAP9 processor performs ultra-low–latency filtering with sophisticated digital signal processing and artificial intelligence. With features such as neural network-based noise removal and adaptive noise cancellation, it is possible to experience multi-channel spatial sound and listening enhancement in next-generation earbuds and headphones.

Innatera (Netherlands)

Innatera founders
Image credits: Innatera

Founder/s: Sumeet Kumar, UmaMahesh Saraswatula
Founded year: 2018
Total funding: $5.5M

Dutch semiconductor company, Innatera, develops ultra-low power processors for edge AI applications. Mimicking the mechanisms the brain uses for sensory perception with a radically different computing architecture, Innatera’s chips allow sensor data to be processed 100x faster and with up to 500x lesser energy than with conventional processors. This enables high-performance sensing applications to be realised in battery-operated and power-constrained electronic devices.

GUZZU (Spain)

GUZZU founder
Image credits: GUZZU

Founder/s: Arnau Sabaté Agustí, Frankie Pizá
Founded year: 2021
Total funding: NA

A Spanish web3 scalable solution, GUZZU, helps companies in the music industry to sell Digital Merchandise through NFTs on a grand scale. Merchandising is one of the most important sources of revenue for the entertainment industry and digital merchandise is here to reinforce the digital identity of fans around the world.

With the unique integration of its Blockchain API with third parties, GUZZU achieves scalability and long-tail revenue. It aims for mass adoption of web3 technology in the entertainment space by providing a friendly user experience interface and an easy customer journey.

Vottun (Spain)

Vottun team
Image credits: Vottun

Founder/s: Luis Carbajo, Marta Valles, Rohan Hall
Founded year: 2021
Total funding: NA

Vottun is “The WordPress of Web3”, the best SaaS platform for Web3 solutions. It offers a Web3 APIs infrastructure platform that allows users to build their own Web3 applications on top of the blockchain that they prefer in a fast and easy way. It provides solutions for NFTs, Wallets, Crypto Payments, DeFi, Certificates, Credentials, Traceability, Gaming, etc. The fastest and easiest Web3 infrastructure for companies and developers showcases its latest blockchain and web3 tech solutions at 4YFN 2023 in Barcelona during the MWC 2023.

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