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Baselime totals £1.5M pre-seed funding to unlock serverless developer productivity


Baselime, the observability-as-code platform, recently announced that it has raised a total of £1.5m in pre-seed funding. The London-based startup is developing the tools that companies need to adopt ‘serverless’ technology that allows developers to build and run applications without having to manage servers.

The technology claims to offer greater scalability, high flexibility, and faster releases at a reduced cost. The round includes funding from Forward Partners, Octopus Ventures and Antler, as well as funding from Baselime’s participation in Sequoia Arc.

Serverless architecture is a rapidly growing solution for companies looking to build and run applications and services in the public cloud, without the need for the software team to manage the underlying infrastructure. It can significantly increase the output of developers and avoids the resource-intensive setup and administration costs of purchasing and running dedicated server infrastructure and is often considered to be the future of cloud computing. The market is expected to be worth $24.4bn by 2025.

However, going serverless has its challenges. It makes observability – the process of actively asking questions about the health of the systems and identifying errors – much harder, with 58% of engineering teams saying that debugging and monitoring is their biggest challenge. As a result, developers can spend huge amounts of time, money and resources identifying and removing bugs across their systems, often depending on solutions that are not fit for purpose.

Boris Tane founded Baselime‘s mission is to solve these pain points for developers. Using the platform, teams are able to automate observability ecosystems across serverless architectures, meeting the needs of many teams that are increasingly working away from the office. Developers can easily and quickly investigate and resolve incidents in real-time. It also facilitates automatic parsing and understanding of serverless specific telemetry data. This has a direct impact on productivity, with high-performance teams four times more likely to have systems that incorporate observability.

Baselime will use the funds to invest in innovative product development, reduce the time taken to resolve customer incidents, and fuel adoption across the developer ecosystem.

Boris Tame, founder of Baselime, said: “Severless adoption is growing rapidly and bringing huge output gains for developers. However, it has traditionally come at a trade-off in monitoring and observability, forcing teams to redirect resources to solving system issues. Our mission is to be the go-to partner for developers, empowering teams to spend less time debugging and more time building. We’re delighted to work with our new investors to achieve this.”

Luke Smith, Partner at Forward Partners, said: “The global market for serverless architecture was valued at $7.3bn in 2020 and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 21.7% from 2021 to 2028. Baselime is leading the innovation charge in this huge and fast growing industry. We’re obsessed with identifying technology that has the potential to transform digital products and internet applications – we’re excited to back a company that is innovating in this emerging space and solving problems facing developers globally.”

Ollie Purdue, Partner at Antler said: “We are really excited to be an investor in Baselime. Boris is a fantastic founder, and we can’t wait to see where he grows the business from here.”

Kirsten Connell, Investor at Octopus Ventures said: “People are at the heart of every great business, but at pre-seed, it’s all about the founders. Boris is a born hustler with a deep knowledge of how challenging it can be for software engineers to identify and troubleshoot defects in serverless architectures. We are incredibly proud to be backing Boris on this journey.”

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