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Online guardian angel: Cortical Ventures leads $4.75M investment in Angel AI

Angel AI funding
Picture credits: Angel AI

From a parents’ perspective, the internet is indeed a double-edged sword. While apps and websites provide valuable entertainment and educational resources, we are acutely aware of the potential risks our children face. From online predators and cyberbullying to negative influences and privacy concerns, merely educating children about online safety and monitoring their activities may fall short.

However, there’s hope on the horizon. A parent-designed solution emerging from Nashville, Tennessee, leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to create tools that enhance online safety for our children. By combining parental vigilance with AI-driven solutions, we can better protect our young ones in the digital realm.

Angel AI, a revolutionary AI platform designed to provide children aged 5 to 12 with a safe and age-appropriate internet experience, has announced the completion of a $4.75 million Seed funding round. Cortical Ventures led the round, with significant participation from Village Global and several prominent angel investors.

Harnessing advanced AI technology for child safety

Angel AI’s AI platform offers age-customised content for children aged 5-12, providing a protective and personalised online experience. With a focus on fostering curiosity and supporting parental values, Angel AI serves as a trusted online companion, empowering families to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly.

At the core of Angel AI is cutting-edge AI technology, including large language models, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition and synthesis, and agent-based systems with memory. This sophisticated technology enables Angel AI to generate age-appropriate responses to children’s questions, delivering engaging yet safe content and entertainment. Moreover, the platform has the capability to learn, personalise, and comprehend the child’s preferences over time, supporting their curiosity and encouraging learning through multi-modal content.

A safer, ad-free digital environment

Angel AI distinguishes itself by offering ad-free content and avoiding predatory monetisation tactics commonly found in children’s digital experiences. Recognising the potential harm of age-inappropriate material, our platform is dedicated to ensuring a safe online environment for children. Tim Estes, CEO, and founder of Angel AI, emphasises the importance of offering children a safer alternative to traditional online platforms, stating, “We have already seen how social media platforms and children’s content sources are too akin to ‘digital narcotics,’ designed to be addictive and feed children age-inappropriate content, leading to higher rates of depression and loneliness. As a father of two young boys, I wanted something better for my kids. So did the many parents that make up the Angel team. Instead of fully disconnecting children from the internet, we’re advocating for an innovative and more effective approach. By using the Angel platform, parents can carefully integrate technology, letting their children explore safely while building healthy online and offline habits and promoting digital fluency.”

Empowering parents with insights

In addition to creating a safe digital environment for children, Angel AI aims to empower parents with insights into their children’s online and offline interests. The platform includes a parent insight portal, providing valuable information to help parents better understand and support their child’s digital experiences.

Future expansion and growth

The successful funding round will fuel Angel AI’s investments in hiring, product development, and marketing initiatives. With over one hundred parents actively testing the platform, there is significant anticipation for its official launch. The company plans to roll out invitations to use the platform in phases this summer, with the goal of expanding parent and child engagement.

Pioneering responsible AI-powered engagement

Jeremy Achin, general partner at Cortical Ventures, founder, and CEO of NeoCybernetica and hOS and former CEO of DataRobot, expresses excitement about supporting Angel AI’s mission to redefine children’s internet experiences using AI-powered solutions for good. “Angel AI is solving a problem that every parent in the world encounters and yet remains unsolved: allowing their kids to use the internet without exposing them to inappropriate and unsafe content. Changing this paradigm is a massive opportunity and one Cortical is excited to support as we continue to focus on the theme of AI-powered human engagement for good.”

“Village Global prides itself on carefully selecting partners who are both leaders and responsible stewards in their areas of expertise,” added Anne Dwane, co-founder & partner at Village Global. “Angel is changing the world by using AI for good. We are proud to partner with an organisation that helps protect children and educates and empowers families while modelling behaviours of responsible digital citizens.”

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